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Gotham Green – Exclusive Interview

February 21, 2012


Whether you’re an aspiring artist or simply a daydreamer, you’ve likely fantasized about what it would be like to leave your nine-to-five grind behind and try your luck in the music game. But what is the life of an artist on the come-up really like? To answer that very question, we have launched a new, DJBooth-exclusive interview series titled Quit Your Day Job, in which a variety of emerging artists will offer their real, true-to-life insights into the independent grind.

On hiatus since late 2011, the series recommences with an exclusive look at Gotham Green, the New York rhymesayer who teamed up with Inglewood’s El Prez to bring us collaborative EP Inhale. When he’s not working his nine-to-five gig in the real estate industry, the Super Mart Produce/Won’t Make It Music emcee is in the studio with production partner Quickie Mart, cooking up the fourth installment of his Haze Diaries mixtape series. In addition, he is beginning work on a new solo LP entitled Child Of An Immigrant, tentatively set for release in November.

In the exclusive interview below, Gotham Green discusses the absurdity of “pay to play” schemes, why he’ll never walk away from real estate entirely, and why networking skills often trump talent in the music game.

What is your current day job?

Currently I work for a commercial real estate firm specializing in purchasing old industrial and/or manufacturing facilities and converting them into creative office spaces for everyone from tech companies to food entrepreneurs. A big focus in the company is making available our properties for production companies to use to shoot television shows, films (both independent and major), music videos, commercials, etc. I run most of the day to day operations for the production side of the company.





Gotham Green Interview w/

October 11, 2010

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