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Disney To Buy Marvel For $4 Billion

August 31, 2009


$4 billion, wow!!

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Disney To Buy Marvel


Dexter Season 4 Coming Soon

August 23, 2009


yeah boy… its finally right around the corner… season 4 of dexter (my favorite show on tv) will be premiering on september 27th on showtime…

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Tracy Morgan On Jimmy Fallon

August 15, 2009

tracy morgan stops by jimmy fallon’s show for the 100th episode…

on a side note: it seems like the 100th episode of fallon’s show can pretty fast.

No More Weeds Reviews… For Now

July 13, 2009


let me start by saying sorry, but i am on vacation right now and have no access to showtime. once again sorry.

i am not sure if i will be back by the time the season ends…

Weeds ‘Van Nuys’

July 6, 2009

weeds, gotham green


nancy’s mulling over an abortion. not a smart move, considering the baby is the only thing keeping her alive. also, andy thinks she should have the abortion, and seeing as how he is usually wrong, that makes me think its even worse an idea. doug and silas are trying to acquire great strains but are running into trouble. the crooked officer who they bribe so they can operate their store suggests they go see a friend of his who may be able to help them out.

celia returns to nancy’s house and begs her to allow her to live in the garage. nancy gives her 2 days. shane busts in on his english teachers with a gun and a mexican muscle man. they retrieve the stolen weed and alleviate him of some possessions for retribution. before leaving shane shoots the teachers bird. weird, but thats shane i guess. doug and silas go to the meeting with the friend of the crooked cop where they agree to allow the man to completely stock their dispensary. the meeting was going well until doug ran it into the ground before the contracts could be signed.

celia returns from the grocery store and finds a ‘dead mexican’ in the garage. she frantically wakes up nancy who then calls esteban and tells him she found sucio. andy takes the bank employee out on a date. what a strange encounter. the woman is dressed in 80s attire and andy has to pretend to be juda. she tells him she wants him to take her virginity. these are middle aged adults we are talking about. wtf!?! it seems as though silas has just about had it with doug. the two get into a name calling fight and silas takes it over the line when he punches doug in the mouth. he quickly apologizes and the two make up.

the date between andy and the bank employee takes an even stranger turn when the two end up at a beach surrounded by the homeless and she bends over to have ‘juda’ take her virginity. after finding out about shane robbing his teacher she takes him to his teachers apartment and makes him return the items he stole from the teacher. whilst there the teacher tells shane he is getting an f and pushes him on the ground which sets nancy off and she threatens him while holding a bat at his throat.

celia takes pictures of esteban’s men disposing of a body and blackmails nancy into letting her stay at the home and to get paid to remain quiet. andy completes the weird date and earns the money that was in juda’s account. a confused and unsure nancy has a talk with andy and he tells her they should run away from esteban and their current home. he tells he they are not safe their and as a family they should leave. he also tells her he wants to be more than just her dead husbands brother. she agrees and andy starts packing. when comes into nancy’s room he sees a letter addressed to him and then we see nancy and shane arriving at the home of esteban.

Weeds ‘Super Lucky Happy’

June 29, 2009

weeds, gotham green


the botwin family meets esteban. awkward meeting, but he asks them all to move in to his home in santa playa. judging by his tone, it didn’t seem like a suggestion, but both andy and shane voice their disagreement. the reason for esteban wanting them to move in to the home is because he got the test results back proving that nancy is pregnant with his son. he suddenly seems in love but nancy seems apprehensive. andy seems to be dying for nancy’s attention. he feels rejected after being rejected by her, but still loves her and wants her to love him. celia arrives at nancy’s home after being in mexico. she begs nancy to let her stay at her home. nancy tells her she is pregnant, so she needs calm and quiet around her, but tells her that celia is not those things so she doesn’t let her stay.

nancy’s bodyguard finds agent roy till looking in the window so he knocks him out and brings him inside. he finds no badge, but a arsenal of weapons. after telling nancy he was going to kill the agent nancy tazes him and he loses consciousness. she ties them both to the bed as they argue over who’s side to take. andy finds an old bank book of juda’s and tries to go to the bank pretending to be his deceased brother in order to get the money. when he arrives at the bank he is told the total in the account is well over $100,000 but the employee of the bank seems to have a personal history with andy’s brother and breaks down when andy tells her juda died.

shane strikes a deal to sell his teacher $4000 worth of pot. his teacher scams him and takes the pot without paying the money owed. shane wont let that go, in my opinion, that was a mistake that the teacher made. the agent and the bodyguard keep pleading their case but nancy has a hard time deciding who to let go and who to condemn to death. andy spends time with the bank employee and finds out that juda was her first boyfriend. his motives for this are to get the woman to help him gain access to juda’s money. she agrees but on one condition, he must take her out on a date as juda. weird, but andy’ll do pretty much anything for money. i can’t see this ending well for andy, but we’ll wait and find out.

esteban arrives at nancy’s house and tells her the agent must die. he tells her they chose their lifestyle and that there is nothing he wont do to protect the life of nancy or the baby. he takes care of the situation and consoles nancy. the two go for a walk on the beach where esteban seems to be showing a lot of affection toward nancy and the baby. not too sure how this is gonna work out for nancy but we’ll see with that too.

Weeds ‘Su-Su-Sucio

June 22, 2009

weeds, gotham green


nancy has a new babysitter. cesar is tired of having to constantly watch her so sucio is recruited for the job. andy returns home from dropping shane off at his aunts. sucio doesn’t particularly care for andy. he accompanies nancy to her doctors appointment where he meets esteban for the first time. esteban doesn’t seem to care for andy also, and tells nancy she has to take it easy or else face the consequences.

silas returns home after running into trouble in the woods. he pitches nancy on financing a medical marijuana facility, which she initially thinks is a bad idea. in my opinion silas is on to something with this. he has a great strain he created and this way they can kind of go legit. she agrees and gives him the okay. shane returns home too after he tries to blackmail his aunt jill with the pictures he took of her and andy.

silas and doug go to get a business license for their dispensary. they are told they must obtain signed written consent from local law enforcement. they approach a beat cop who agrees to give them consent for a nominal fee. extortion at his finest, very nice. the two parties agree on a monthly payment in turn for the officer looking the other way. nancy finally gets sick of sucio’s smell and makes him shower. she returns to check on him and sees blood on the floor and sucio is missing.

celia, who ends up pissing off the rebel soldiers, gets taken in her sleep and put on a bus where she ends up in texas. after the disappearance of sucio nancy freaks out and get the family ready to leave their house. esteban calls nancy who relays her worries that guillermo may be responsible for sucio.

the episode ends with the federal agent who nancy snitched too watching them from his car. wonder what he wants, maybe he will try to lean on her from information on esteban. not too sure yet, but sure we will find out soon.

Weeds ‘Machetes Up Top’

June 15, 2009

weeds, gotham green


nancy’s fate hasn’t been decided yet as esteban still needs time to decide. cesar has been sent to keep an eye on her, but she is able to shake him during a manicure/pedicure session. sylas and doug go for their hike to find a good place to plant silas’ clones. as they approach a good enough spot to leave the plants they are held up at gunpoint.

nancy ends up going to see guillermo in prison. she starts the conversation off acting tough but quickly gets scared by guillermo who brings her down to reality, by letting her know that even though she may be pregnant with estebans child, that doesn’t protect her life. he also says he is not the one she should be worried about. she gets upset and leaves the visiting area.

andy takes shane to nancy’s sister’s home in oakland. andy tells her that nancy witnessed a korean gang war in a parking lot. he makes up an elaborate story ending with nancy having to lay low for a while till the heat dies down from the trial. its hard to tell whether or not her sister believed the story.

silas and doug get busted by a crew of growers who confiscate silas’ clones but let them leave without being hurt. nancy’s sister gets drunk and vents to andy about her ungrateful husband and her family issues. the two end up hooking up in a drunk moment. meanwhile, nancy, now scared to death that she will be killed, goes to see dean with an updated will. she wants to get her affairs in order after the meeting with guillermo.

celia, who can now leave but feels rejected by everyone, decides to help at the rebel camp where she was being held. she asks quinn’s ex-boyfriend if she can stay. back in oakland shane catches andy and nancy’s sister having sex and captures it on his cell phone camera.

after building up some liquid courage, nancy goes to see esteban. he gets upset that she is drinking whilst pregnant, but she expresses to him that she doesn’t care because she thinks he will kill her after she gives birth. she hands him a gun and tells him to decide her faith. instead he roughly has sex with her and once again tells her she doesn’t dictate the terms of their arrangement. he leaves her bent over the table with her jeans and panties at her ankles till cesar comes in and tells her its time to go.

50 To Be On New Season Of Entourage

June 15, 2009

pictures recently leaked from the new season of entourage. it looks as though curtis will be making a guest appearance. here go some pics…

50 cent, entourage, gotham green

50 cent, entourage, gotham green

50 cent, entourage, gotham green

50 cent, entourage, gotham green

Weeds Season 5 Premiere

June 8, 2009

weeds, gotham green

weeds premiered this week. now, in my opinion, this series is going downhill as far as story line, but i will still bring the review to you every week. without further ado, here goes…


nancy is pregnant. bearing a new life has saved hers. she should have and was going to be killed by estaban for snitching on the operation. celia has been kidnapped by her oldest daughter quinn in mexico and her ex-husband dean cant afford and doesn’t want to pay the ransom. it doesn’t help being a bitch if you get held for money, too bad for celia. silas and andy want to buy some land to grow marijuana. how many things could go wrong with that plan… more than i care to list off.

andy, who is in love with nancy, tells her the best idea for them is to flea to denmark, but she isn’t interested in trying to live on the run, especially now that she is pregnant. shane has now settled into the role of the school weed dealer and even has teachers on the take. its interesting how this show went from a stay at home mom having to sell drugs after her husband suddenly dies to a family of 3 all working in the drug trade. quinn’s boyfriend, after striking out with dean, goes through her whole phone book calling everybody to collect her ransom but was turned down by them all. big surprise there…

it seems that esteban is over nancy. he sets an appointment for her with a mexican doctor and informs her that if, and only if the baby is male and he is the father, will he help her and let her live i assume. does nancy realize the amount of trouble she is in? it doesn’t look that way. she has double crossed a mexican drug lord, who also happens to be the mayor of one of the towns he controls. thats the reality of the situation, but since this is tv and she is the main character in the show, i have a feeling things will turn out for old mrs botwin. quinn’s boyfriend ends up kicking her out of his life for being too mean which is good news for celia who he will probably release from captivity.

the baby news is received by the family in various capacities. nancy and andy who realize their lives rest in the hands of the baby know they must keep it, whilst silas wants his mom to have an abortion. shane is just shocked by the news, but more concerned with the news that his mom wants him to go to oakland to stay with her sister. things come unhinged when shane gets upset over the fact he is being sent away and silas isn’t. they all go off on their way mad at one another.