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‘Sixth Sense’ New Technology

April 9, 2009

i was sent this via email by my cousin, who had it sent to him by his father, my uncle.

i am a big fan of microsoft surface (if you don’t know click on this link and find out microsoft surface) and this takes that to a whole new level. at a research lab at mit a group of scientists and students have come up with a new, portable, wearable technology that allows the user to interact with the environment all done with hand gesturing.

this could really be an interesting implementation into everyday life if it becomes as popular as it should. the possibilities with something like this could be endless.



The Simpsons Coming To A Post Office Near You

April 5, 2009

the simpsons

the simpsons will be immortalized by the release of a series of usps stamps. the stamps, which were created by matt groening, will be released in a series of 5 including all the family members from homer to maggie. the stamp will be previewed by the usps on april 9th, 2009 and at time it will be announced when the stamps will be available to the public.

this is part of a marketing plan to commemorate the simpsons 20th anniversary. ‘best. 20 years. ever.’ will include a series of global events leading up to its culmination on january 14th, 2010, the exact 20 year anniversary of the series premiere.

note: these stamps will be 44 cent-first-class stamps due to the postage increase being implemented on may 11th, 2009.

shout out to for the heads up on this news.


being that maggie is my favorite character i had to post this picture:

maggie simpson


March 28, 2009


so, i have a few things to say about twitter. first off let me say i have been very anti-twitter since before it became the cool thing to do. i didn’t see the need for something like this considering i have myspace/facebook/email/ichat. why would i need another networking site? i just didn’t get it. then all of a sudden twitter is the coolest thing ever and now everybody has a twitter account. people have been telling me to get on to twitter, about how its soooo cool and how it is good for artists yada yada yada. my friend quickie mart told me that even though im anti-twitter i should still sign up on it. he reasoned that it couldn’t hurt and that i would probably end up liking the site. after that conversation i started thinking about what he said and what other’s have said to me and what i’ve heard about twitter being the new thing.

so now, i feel like i have been culturally peer pressured. i signed up for twitter. i am brand new on it so i don’t know how i feel about it from the inside. i can only say i didn’t really like it when i wasn’t a part of it. we’ll see in the near future.

anyway, hit me up at

The Knux Live @ Fashion Week LA

March 17, 2009

so, the homie quickie mart invited me to a show he was doing with the knux during fashion week. normally i am a homebody but i ventured out for this one after rolling with him to soundcheck and seeing what it was all about.

there was a fashion show early which i missed for the most part, i saw a little bit toward the end. this chick who was on america’s next top model named lisa d’amato performed before the knux. she does some electro hipster girl shit. it was cool. then the knux went on and killed it… i shot some video of the evening with my hand held camera and edited the joint myself.


Meet The Lurks

February 25, 2009

yo, the big homie haps got one of his beats featured on the lurks new skate video… peep the video and the song in the background entitled rolls royce…

shout out to haps…

Fishr Pryce??

February 19, 2009

i think i seen fishr pryce in las vegas. if any of you actually know who that is, or what he looks like, you be the judge….


Joe Budden vs. Joell Ortiz ‘The Race’

February 10, 2009

here it is as promised… the actual race between joe and joell….


Joe Budden vs. Joell Ortiz In A Foot Race

February 7, 2009

so, i don’t usually post joe budden tv episodes, i don’t know why because they are usually hilarious, but either way, i usually don’t post them here. today is an exception. i saw this latest joe budden tv episode and had to post it. in this clip we find joe budden and joell ortiz in a limo arguing about who would win in a race. a drunk joell claims there is no rapper that could beat him in a race, or at basketball. joe quickly punks joell and the two go on for a few minutes about who would win and why.

here goes the episode, enjoy:

note: when the episode with the race is posted, i will post it here.

to see more joe budden tv click the link below:


Actor Guru Singh’s Reel

February 5, 2009

this is a good friend of mine so im posting this for the world to see… its not only because he is my friend, but because he is a very talented actor… check it out, enjoy:

Bird Of The Week

February 3, 2009

hey there.. happy tuesday. this weeks winner is:

hayden pannettiere

hayden panettiere

hayden panettiere