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Disney To Buy Marvel For $4 Billion

August 31, 2009


$4 billion, wow!!

click the link below for the story from

Disney To Buy Marvel


Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant Trailer

August 9, 2009

saw this during the previews before g.i. joe, looks kinda crazy…

you be the judge:

Shutter Island Trailer

August 9, 2009

scorsese and leo have teamed up again. this time its for the insane looking movie called shutter island… the movie comes out on october 2, 2009.

here goes the preview, enjoy:

Drake Falls On Stage

August 1, 2009

haha, drake falls and wayne clowns…. hahaha

at the 30 second mark pay attention…

‘this nigga really got a bad leg, i thought that shit was only on the tv show…’

on a side note: this is a fail, not because he fell, but because he was performing over a full track not an instrumental…

Notorious DVD Available Tuesday

April 18, 2009


the notorious dvd will be released on tuesday april 21, 2009. go and buy/rent/netflix this movie about the best rapper ever.

Tyson Movie Preview

March 25, 2009

mike tyson is the subject of a documentary film being released april 24, 2009. apparently you’ve never seen tyson like this before.

on a side note tyson is my all time favorite boxer. im talking mike before he bit evander. pause.

in their prime : tyson > ali

Joe Budden ‘In My Sleep’ Video

March 14, 2009

here goes the video to the song entitled in my sleep off the album padded room.


Inglorious Basterds Trailer

March 11, 2009

so, quentin tarantino has been talking about doing a world war II movie since 2001. the film which was described by tarantino as “my bunch of guys on a mission film” is inglorious basterds. originally set to be released in 2004 starring michael madsen the script was scrapped and the project put on the back burner.

now starring brad pitt the movie will be released on august 21, 2009

here is the trailer, enjoy:

Public Enemies Trailer

March 11, 2009

as promised, i found the official trailer, and here it is… enjoy:

Watchmen = Worst Movie Of 2009

March 6, 2009


so i just got home from seeing the watchmen. let me start this off by saying i have been wanting to see this movie for around 10 months. what a waste of time. 2 hours and 43 minutes after walking into the theatre i wish i had never even left my house.

the movie, which had tons of potential, fell way short of what i thought it would be. the best part of the movie was the character rorschach, who wore a insane constantly changing mask. he was bad ass, but even he was not enough for me to call this a good movie. the fake batman was wack, as was the bird who he fell for. throughout the whole movie i had to see doctor manhattan’s penis. why? this was definitely the worst part of the movie, closely followed by the overall acting. also, between the somewhat interesting action scenes was the most boring story line ever.

overall, i would give this movie 1 star out of 10. save yourself around 11 dollars and 3 hours and wait till this movie hits tv, don’t even rent it.