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Affion Crockett ‘Run This Town’ Spoof

September 21, 2009

hahahahahahahahahaha… enjoy:


Affion Spoofs Kanye

September 15, 2009

hahahahaha, here goes affion’s spoof of kanye west. we all heard about or saw the fuckery kanye west pulled at the vma’s. well here goes his apology song feat. jay-z.

pure genius…

in case you haven’t heard jay-z blueprint 3 yet, this is a spoof of the song hater.

Affion Crockett ‘Best I Ever Had’ Spoof

August 20, 2009

affion goes after drake again… this shit is hilarious..


Drake Spoof By None Other Than…

July 26, 2009

this shit is hilarious… affion did it again… the up and comer drake was on funkmaster flex’s radio show and spit a ‘few freestyles’. the homie affion crockett went in with a little spoof of that event.


New Simpsons Intro

March 30, 2009

the simpsons is currently in its 20th season. to commemorate 20 seasons they have changed up their intro. check it out below.


also, for everyone’s enjoyment, i found the following clip on youtube. it is the intro the the singhsons, the indian simpsons.


Joe Budden vs. Joell Ortiz In A Foot Race

February 7, 2009

so, i don’t usually post joe budden tv episodes, i don’t know why because they are usually hilarious, but either way, i usually don’t post them here. today is an exception. i saw this latest joe budden tv episode and had to post it. in this clip we find joe budden and joell ortiz in a limo arguing about who would win in a race. a drunk joell claims there is no rapper that could beat him in a race, or at basketball. joe quickly punks joell and the two go on for a few minutes about who would win and why.

here goes the episode, enjoy:

note: when the episode with the race is posted, i will post it here.

to see more joe budden tv click the link below:


Yung Berg Takes Another L

January 16, 2009

haha, this is a funny funny funny video. here goes yung berg taking another l. this dude needs to go sit down somewhere and be quiet…

“Get back dumb birds I ignore the hype/ Click clack, Yung Berg if you flossin ice.”

“I wrap niggas up, clap niggas up, scrap niggas up/ Either that or we gon’ slap niggas up/ Dump dirt on you/ right before I go into my Maino mode
If I smell the scent of Yung Berg on you.’

Bill Burr Clowns The Eagles

January 12, 2009

so my friend yams told me about this comedian named bill burr who is extremely funny. never heard of dude till today, but now im a fan. in this clip he is clowns the eagles, and right now thats perfect for me. check it out…

here goes another bill burr clip:

Rappers Against Child Support

December 10, 2008

affion crockett kills it again, along with nick cannon and some friends. this is a hilarious skit called rappers against child support. affion is dead on with the jay-z impression and i personally love the russell simmons impression, but the show stealer, in my opinion, is nick cannon’s dmx impression. enjoy…

Mr. Carter Spoof Affion Crockett

December 8, 2008

this is a spoof of the song Mr. Carter by Lil Wanye feat. Jay-Z performed by Affion Crockett from MTV’s Wild N Out. This dude is very funny. peep the clip.

click on the link for Affion’s youtube page full of hilarious videos.