Weeds ‘Van Nuys’

weeds, gotham green


nancy’s mulling over an abortion. not a smart move, considering the baby is the only thing keeping her alive. also, andy thinks she should have the abortion, and seeing as how he is usually wrong, that makes me think its even worse an idea. doug and silas are trying to acquire great strains but are running into trouble. the crooked officer who they bribe so they can operate their store suggests they go see a friend of his who may be able to help them out.

celia returns to nancy’s house and begs her to allow her to live in the garage. nancy gives her 2 days. shane busts in on his english teachers with a gun and a mexican muscle man. they retrieve the stolen weed and alleviate him of some possessions for retribution. before leaving shane shoots the teachers bird. weird, but thats shane i guess. doug and silas go to the meeting with the friend of the crooked cop where they agree to allow the man to completely stock their dispensary. the meeting was going well until doug ran it into the ground before the contracts could be signed.

celia returns from the grocery store and finds a ‘dead mexican’ in the garage. she frantically wakes up nancy who then calls esteban and tells him she found sucio. andy takes the bank employee out on a date. what a strange encounter. the woman is dressed in 80s attire and andy has to pretend to be juda. she tells him she wants him to take her virginity. these are middle aged adults we are talking about. wtf!?! it seems as though silas has just about had it with doug. the two get into a name calling fight and silas takes it over the line when he punches doug in the mouth. he quickly apologizes and the two make up.

the date between andy and the bank employee takes an even stranger turn when the two end up at a beach surrounded by the homeless and she bends over to have ‘juda’ take her virginity. after finding out about shane robbing his teacher she takes him to his teachers apartment and makes him return the items he stole from the teacher. whilst there the teacher tells shane he is getting an f and pushes him on the ground which sets nancy off and she threatens him while holding a bat at his throat.

celia takes pictures of esteban’s men disposing of a body and blackmails nancy into letting her stay at the home and to get paid to remain quiet. andy completes the weird date and earns the money that was in juda’s account. a confused and unsure nancy has a talk with andy and he tells her they should run away from esteban and their current home. he tells he they are not safe their and as a family they should leave. he also tells her he wants to be more than just her dead husbands brother. she agrees and andy starts packing. when comes into nancy’s room he sees a letter addressed to him and then we see nancy and shane arriving at the home of esteban.


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