Weeds ‘Super Lucky Happy’

weeds, gotham green


the botwin family meets esteban. awkward meeting, but he asks them all to move in to his home in santa playa. judging by his tone, it didn’t seem like a suggestion, but both andy and shane voice their disagreement. the reason for esteban wanting them to move in to the home is because he got the test results back proving that nancy is pregnant with his son. he suddenly seems in love but nancy seems apprehensive. andy seems to be dying for nancy’s attention. he feels rejected after being rejected by her, but still loves her and wants her to love him. celia arrives at nancy’s home after being in mexico. she begs nancy to let her stay at her home. nancy tells her she is pregnant, so she needs calm and quiet around her, but tells her that celia is not those things so she doesn’t let her stay.

nancy’s bodyguard finds agent roy till looking in the window so he knocks him out and brings him inside. he finds no badge, but a arsenal of weapons. after telling nancy he was going to kill the agent nancy tazes him and he loses consciousness. she ties them both to the bed as they argue over who’s side to take. andy finds an old bank book of juda’s and tries to go to the bank pretending to be his deceased brother in order to get the money. when he arrives at the bank he is told the total in the account is well over $100,000 but the employee of the bank seems to have a personal history with andy’s brother and breaks down when andy tells her juda died.

shane strikes a deal to sell his teacher $4000 worth of pot. his teacher scams him and takes the pot without paying the money owed. shane wont let that go, in my opinion, that was a mistake that the teacher made. the agent and the bodyguard keep pleading their case but nancy has a hard time deciding who to let go and who to condemn to death. andy spends time with the bank employee and finds out that juda was her first boyfriend. his motives for this are to get the woman to help him gain access to juda’s money. she agrees but on one condition, he must take her out on a date as juda. weird, but andy’ll do pretty much anything for money. i can’t see this ending well for andy, but we’ll wait and find out.

esteban arrives at nancy’s house and tells her the agent must die. he tells her they chose their lifestyle and that there is nothing he wont do to protect the life of nancy or the baby. he takes care of the situation and consoles nancy. the two go for a walk on the beach where esteban seems to be showing a lot of affection toward nancy and the baby. not too sure how this is gonna work out for nancy but we’ll see with that too.


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