Weeds Season 5 Premiere

weeds, gotham green

weeds premiered this week. now, in my opinion, this series is going downhill as far as story line, but i will still bring the review to you every week. without further ado, here goes…


nancy is pregnant. bearing a new life has saved hers. she should have and was going to be killed by estaban for snitching on the operation. celia has been kidnapped by her oldest daughter quinn in mexico and her ex-husband dean cant afford and doesn’t want to pay the ransom. it doesn’t help being a bitch if you get held for money, too bad for celia. silas and andy want to buy some land to grow marijuana. how many things could go wrong with that plan… more than i care to list off.

andy, who is in love with nancy, tells her the best idea for them is to flea to denmark, but she isn’t interested in trying to live on the run, especially now that she is pregnant. shane has now settled into the role of the school weed dealer and even has teachers on the take. its interesting how this show went from a stay at home mom having to sell drugs after her husband suddenly dies to a family of 3 all working in the drug trade. quinn’s boyfriend, after striking out with dean, goes through her whole phone book calling everybody to collect her ransom but was turned down by them all. big surprise there…

it seems that esteban is over nancy. he sets an appointment for her with a mexican doctor and informs her that if, and only if the baby is male and he is the father, will he help her and let her live i assume. does nancy realize the amount of trouble she is in? it doesn’t look that way. she has double crossed a mexican drug lord, who also happens to be the mayor of one of the towns he controls. thats the reality of the situation, but since this is tv and she is the main character in the show, i have a feeling things will turn out for old mrs botwin. quinn’s boyfriend ends up kicking her out of his life for being too mean which is good news for celia who he will probably release from captivity.

the baby news is received by the family in various capacities. nancy and andy who realize their lives rest in the hands of the baby know they must keep it, whilst silas wants his mom to have an abortion. shane is just shocked by the news, but more concerned with the news that his mom wants him to go to oakland to stay with her sister. things come unhinged when shane gets upset over the fact he is being sent away and silas isn’t. they all go off on their way mad at one another.


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