Heroes ‘An Invisible Thread’



this week was the hero’s season finale. sylar survived the stabbing to the back of his head. the shape shifting ability abled him to move his ‘off switch’. instead of killing the hunter, he sets him up to destroy his credibility. smart. sylar plans on meeting the president so he can shape shift into him thus becoming the most powerful man in the world.

in a dream angela envisions parkman saving nathan’s life, so she goes to find him while leaving claire to see nathan, not knowing he has been captured by sylar. unbeknownst to claire she has just walked into a trap set by sylar. meanwhile the hunter finds himself in the same cell as noah but right before they can shake hands on a deal to work together hiro, who seems to be falling ill by using his powers, stops time. hiro and ando are able to free the captives but then time then suddenly begins and hiro feels the consequences of freezing time. he doesn’t seem to be doing well. is it possible that he may die as a result of having powers?

hiro helps noah escape who then calls claire to make sure she is okay, but he ends up talking to sylar who now has claire in a suite at the hotel where he plans to meet the president. nathan and peter arrive at the hotel for a showdown with sylar. unfortunately for the audience the fight takes place behind closed doors and all we see if the aftermath when claire reenters the room. peter is hurt, and sylar and nathan fly into a different room where sylar is able to cut nathan’s throat.

angela arrives at the hotel with parkman to find noah with his throat cut. peter, who absorbed sylar’s ability to shape shift, poses as the president to set sylar up in the presidential limo. noah and angela want parkman to mold sylar’s mind into believing he is now nathan petrelli and that gabriel gray aka sylar is dead. with this sylar becomes nathan and noah, angela, claire, peter, ando, hiro and suresh along with the new noah burn the body of the man killed a few episodes who had taken on sylar’s look.

this was quite an anti-climatic season ender. how can you just kill off sylar like that? i am not happy with the way this chapter came to an end. i hope in season 5 nathan realizes he is actually sylar.

as heroes fans know, they always do a few minutes at the end of a season finale to bring in the new season. in that short clip we see tracy come together from spilled water about to drown a man and then nathan looking at a newspaper article of mysterious drownings. angela then walks in to talk to nathan. nathan was not paying attention to her, instead he was fixated on a clock in his office that was running a minute fast. could this be the foreshadowing to nathan realizing he is actually sylar. we’ll see.


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