Are You Serious??

so bill o’reilly has a problem with eminem’s new song. the one bar in the song where eminem talks about sarah palin has really gotten to mr. o’reilly. in the clip below he goes on to bash eminem, saying he should be getting more bad reviews on this song, are you serious? ITS 1 BAR (LINE)… i think o’reilly needs to relax, he is reading way to much into this, or he has nothing better to do. u can’t blame eminem, who is known for toeing the line, for using the porn star that is really exploiting sarah palin, by imitating her, in his video.

now in my opinion*, i think bill o’reilly is a jackass and i don’t usually pay him much mind, however i felt the need to post this…

usually i would say enjoy, but that doesn’t seem fitting, so, here it goes:

* this is just how i feel, if you feel different, thats your right. i have the right to have any opinion i want.


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2 Responses to “Are You Serious??”

  1. Nori Says:

    *sigh*…makes me wished I had Cherries

  2. BIll Orielly Sucks Says:

    I cant stand bill.
    This is one line form the song.
    This video is retarded.

    Thanks for posting.
    Bill just makes an ass of himself.
    They dont even really talk about the video of MM.
    Crzy stuff

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