Heroes ‘Turn And Face The Strange’



4 episodes left this season. this episode starts with noah inspecting “sylar’s” dead body. it will be interesting to see how noah reacts when he finds out that sylar is in fact alive and working along side the hunter. he has his suspicions that something is not right about the dead body. will noah kill the hunter if he has to? i think he will, but i don’t think it will come down to that. i think the hunter will meet his end at the hands of sylar.

coyote sans. thats where angela sets a meeting with nathan, claire, and noah. she calls noah to confirm, but he is set on seeing if the body is infact sylar, even against the wishes of angela who warns him to leave. ando and hiro hitch hike a ride from a texas born japanese man. really? what are the chances. the baby the have with them, matt parkman’s baby, in my opinion is gonna be very important. they are trying to get the baby to parkman, who is hell bent on getting revenge on the hunter, over the death of daphne. he gets into the hunter’s head and we see that the hunter goes to check on a young blonde.

noah goes to the dead body and pulls the steak from the corpses head. if it was sylar he would have healed and woken up from the dead. the body didn’t, thus confirming his suspicion that it is not sylar. upon returning home noah is confronted by his wife who serves him with divorce papers. when she walks out we see her transform back into sylar, who earlier told the hunter he wanted to destroy noah, not kill him. this newly acquired power sylar has is coming in very handy for him.

when the baby is happy the car moves, when the baby is sad the car doesn’t move. as long as ando can keep the baby happy hiro can drive across country till they get to parkman. noah does a hand writing test and realizes it was not his wife who gave him the papers. after getting the d.n.a results on the dead body noah figures out that sylar is now a shape shifter.

with claire and nathan on their way to coyote sans, suresh discovers that his father was at coyote sans a long time ago looking for information about a government project. everything is starting to point to a showdown at coyote sans. what happened there, and how does it matter now? what will happen there, and how will it affect the world after?

parkman got gangster. he brings the blonde to the hunter’s house and at gun point, makes him explain to her what he really is and what he did to daphne. after the hunter does this, parkman turns the gun on the blonde. he drops the gun and the hunter shoots at him. as the bullet is about to hit parkman time stops and hiro enters to save him. time begins again and the newly informed blonde walks out on the hunter.

noah might be on the run. he confronted the hunter about being in cahoots with sylar, who tells noah that sylar has been posing as a soldier. when noah takes the hunter to confront this man he shoots the man in the back to prove that it is sylar. after the man doesn’t heal noah runs out the door into the street. only thing is, the man was sylar, he just played dead. im guessing noah’s next move will be to head to coyote sans where the hunter and sylar will follow.

where do parkman, hiro and ando tie into coyote sans? i figure we will find that out in the next few episodes. peter and angela arrive there first. peter is confused, but angela tells him this is where the story really begins. nathan and claire arrive shortly after angela and peter followed by noah. the answer to what the characters are doing there is buried. while digging nathan discovers a skull and angela nearly faints. she tells them she knew all of them. all of them?… how many are there? how did they die? who are they? we don’t find out this episode.


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