Heroes ‘Into Asylum’



everyone is on the run. nathan and claire in mexico, angela and peter are in new york. everyone except sylar. he finds the hunter and has in interesting offer for him. after 3 of his agents are murdered by a person with abilities sylar offers to help the hunter catch him. i think sylar has made this offer because he wants to acquire the powers of the killer. lets remember that sylar had a number files on people with abilities back in season 1 or 2. that, right now, is the only reason i can see why sylar would do this.

we find out that angela can see things in her dreams. the dreams she has have to come from natural sleep, they cannot be drug induced. that is a good defense mechanism. the problem is right now she and peter are in danger and she can’t sleep. she needs to dream to see where they must go. while angela is in a church with peter feeling like she is the root of all of the petrelli family issues nathan is in mexico trying to make some money while on the run with claire. back in dc we discover the ability of the man who killed the agents. he is a shape shifter. he takes the form of an agent and speaks to the hunter briefly before they are cut off by a phone call by sylar to the hunter informing him of this news. however, before the hunter finds out the man was posing as the agent he is gone.

the hunter confronts sylar and at gunpoint explains that he knows sylar wants the shape shifter’s power. sylar tells the hunter he will help him catch all those people with abilities the hunter has been searching for. peter prays to god to end the fighting, he confesses to god that he is mad at his mother, his brother and god himself. he prays for help, asking god to show up and just then agents enter the church looking for him and his mother. not exactly what he was looking for.

the hunter and sylar battle in a game of psychological chess while searching the shape shifter’s apartment. its weird to see them working together. they discover the shape shifter main use for his powers. to pick up different women by posing as different men. great way to use that power. back in mexico, after nathan enters and loses a drinking contest for money claire steps in and wins the drinking competition. i don’t see how a high school girl can beat a guy in his upper 20s in a drinking contest, but whatever. they explain it with some b.s tissue regeneration story seeing as how he body heals ultra fast. convenient…

in a confessional at the church in new york angela tells peter about when her powers manifested. she tells him she saw a bloody future and to convince those around her it was going to happen she did what she had to do, costing her everything along the way, including her family. right then noah comes into the room but signals that it is all clear. why would he let her go? i understand that he is playing both sides of the fence but why? what does he have to gain?

the hunter and sylar go to the club frequented by the shape shifter where they find him posing as the hunter. he catches wind of them and tries to blend into the crowd. they catch him while he is posing as sylar and the hunter lets sylar take his power. wow, i wasn’t expecting that. nathan tells claire he can’t do anything to help them, there is no one that he knows that can fix things. disappointed, she storms out of the hotel room in mexico. angela wakes up in the church with an answer for peter as to what they do next. she explains to him they need to get claire and nathan and then go see her sister.

noah arrives on the scene where the hunter and sylar killed the shape shifter where the hunter is standing over a body bag. noah unzips the bag and to my surprise sees sylar lying there dead. we know its not sylar, but noah doesn’t and he now must think sylar is dead. this was all part of the hunter and sylars plan. we see them in a car talking about it being easier to capture the rest of the heroes if people think sylar is dead. again, wow. i can’t believe sylar and the hunter have formed this alliance. i wonder how it will end. sylar just keeps getting better, he has strategically placed himself to be in the position to be the only one left with powers still free in the world. smart man.


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  1. phinuisee Says:

    Wow loved reading this blogpost. I submitted your rss to my reader!

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