so, i have a few things to say about twitter. first off let me say i have been very anti-twitter since before it became the cool thing to do. i didn’t see the need for something like this considering i have myspace/facebook/email/ichat. why would i need another networking site? i just didn’t get it. then all of a sudden twitter is the coolest thing ever and now everybody has a twitter account. people have been telling me to get on to twitter, about how its soooo cool and how it is good for artists yada yada yada. my friend quickie mart told me that even though im anti-twitter i should still sign up on it. he reasoned that it couldn’t hurt and that i would probably end up liking the site. after that conversation i started thinking about what he said and what other’s have said to me and what i’ve heard about twitter being the new thing.

so now, i feel like i have been culturally peer pressured. i signed up for twitter. i am brand new on it so i don’t know how i feel about it from the inside. i can only say i didn’t really like it when i wasn’t a part of it. we’ll see in the near future.

anyway, hit me up at



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