Heroes ‘Cold Snap’



i have one main question, who is rebel?? after a week off, heroes returned this week with a brand new episode. the episode starts with doyle being delivered to the home of the hunter with a tag on him that said “my gift to you”. who delivered this present to the hunter and why? last week we saw claire helping doyle, now he has been captured. in a meeting between the two, we find that angela wants noah to give rebel over to the hunter in hopes of winning over his trust. why? what purpose will that serve? don’t they need rebel? there is a nice game of cat and mouse game going here, and in the latest tit for tat in the saga we see the hunter capturing suresh.

we find hiro and ando looking after a baby named matt parkman. is it matt parkman’s son? they think so and the baby has powers, after hiro unplugged the tv the baby was still able to turn it on and off. is the baby important? noah convinces the hunter to set a trap for rebel by letting him try to rescue tracy so they can capture him, which he does. upon being free’d tracy attempts to wake matt parkman, and suresh so they can all escape. they walk out the front door, but was that part of the hunter and noah’s plan? will the escapees lead the hunter to rebel?

in a changing room noah confronts a newly escaped tracy and offers her freedom in exchange for leading noah to rebel. tracy has repeatedly been screwed over and in my opinion has no reason to trust noah at all. parkman and suresh take daphne to the emergency room. they rush her into the operating room. im sure she will not die. magically tracy gets money and a ticket out of town from an atm. she quickly gets into a cab and right after that we see micah getting into a cab. did we just find out who rebel is. i think so, but right now i’m still not sure. micah could be being helped by rebel or working for rebel.

angela, who narrowly escaped being captured, has a meeting with millie, an old acquaintance who loans her some money. hiro and ando speak with the baby’s mother. they explain to her that parkman was set up to justify imprisoning people with abilities. they also explain to her that they were sent there to protect the baby. right before being captured hiro gets his powers back, sort of. he was able to stop time but couldn’t seem to do anything else. daphne wakes up fine and leaves matt.

micah is rebel. he admits it to tracy at the train station. regretfully she informs him that the agents followed her. he sets off an alarm and the two take off. meanwhile angela is chased into a building where she enters a elevator. the agents on her trail set the elevator to return to the ground floor but peter saves his mother by flying her to safety. tracy makes the ultimate sacrifice. after being followed into a parking structure by the agents tracy steps out and gets surrounded by agents. she tells micah to “stay ahead of the ice” and lets off a cold bomb so to speak. she completely freezes everything and everyone including herself in the vicinity. micah is able to run through a door right before it freezes over. standing as a complete ice cube tracy statue the hunter shoots into her chest shattering tracy, thus killing her. rebel gets away.

parkman can fly… i repeat, parkman can fly. what the hell? i don’t know about this twist, not sure i like it. how? since when? what kind of way to end an episode? ahh, but he can’t really fly. he tricks daphne and the viewer (me) into believing he can fly, but in reality he was in daphne’s head trying to give her a nice final memory as she dies. what was the part about daphne leaving matt then. was that part of the the illusion matt put in her head? i’m confused…

the episode ends with peter asking his mother what they do now as they are stading in the crown of the statue of liberty.


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