Heroes ‘Shades Of Gray’

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sorry for missing last week’s episode recap. this week’s epsisode is called shades of gray.

who is rebel?? when will we find out, if ever? nathan saves parkman from being used as a bomb and figures out that the hunter drugged and strapped the bomb to parkman. sylar finally meets his father. after threatening to have the hunter relieved the hunter informs nathan that he will be investigating the petrelli family and their connection to those with powers. is nathan rebel? he tells tracy he has been helping her and everyone else out from the beginning.

the hunter questions tracy about nathan. tracy doesn’t snitch. good girl. why is rebel sending people to claire? he sends doyle to her with hopes that she can save him. is it because she can’t die or is there something bigger? sylar wanted answers and to kill his father. he gets answers though he didn’t have to ask many questions. he finds out his father has many powers like he does. his father questions his reasons for killing and why he chooses weak victims. i didn’t really get the full meaning of this meeting, though i feel that sylar still has questions and feelings of hatred toward his father for his abandonment. the meeting ends with sylar stabbing a rabbit. wierd, did this kill his father?

the hunter is dying to uncover nathan’s secret. noah points him in the direction of angela. after that noah immediately calls angela to warn her. claire takes a job at the comic book store, but why? is it to look like a normal teenage girl or to be better equipped to help those with powers in need. she gets a text from rebel stating that doyle has been found and goes to help him escape. in my opinion she is going to be in important part of the heroes saving the world.

the hunter sits down to a meeting with angela. she definitely knows how to play it cool. she also does her research. does the hunter have powers? after recounting an incident from the hunter’s past he quickly gets up and leaves. wow. if the hunter has powers that would make for in interesting twist. we find out that the rabbit stabbing did not kill sylar’s father. sylar asks him why he left him and killed his mother. he admits to sylar that he doesn’t remember. judging from a reaction to sylar’s quick healing ability we see that he now may indeed be more powerful than his biological father. one second later syalr is pinned up at the hands of his father. we also find out that the reason sylar is why he is, is all genetics. like him, his father has a insatiable thirst to acquire as many powers as he can. will his father kill him even after sylar let his father live?

his father tells him he wants to be immortal and that is the reason he is going to kill him. sylar is too strong. he over powers his father but doesn’t kill him. he leaves him to die in his cabin of the cancer he is stricken with. sylar got his answers, they may not be to the questions he originally had, but he now knows he doesn’t now and never did need his father. this season sylar has easily become my favorite character. the hunter gets his walking papers. directly from the president and delivered through nathan the services of the hunter aka danko are no longer needed. noah becomes his replacement. the hunter, who really wants proof of nathans ability to fly holds him at gunpoint and pushes him out of a window. finally the suspicions of the hunter are confirmed. he sees nathan save himself from falling to his death by flying away. i have a feeling we are going to see a showdown between the nathan and the hunter, whom i now presume has some sort of power.

claire helps doyle escape capture and sets him up with documents for a new identity. she is very conflicted, but she wants to do the right thing. the problem is, i don’t think she knows what the right thing is. hiro and ando end up in los angeles to save parkman, only the matt parkman they end up finding is a baby. what does this mean? this episode left me with a lot of questions, but i guess that makes sense since the season is coming to an end.

i am not sure if when the hunter saw nathan flying he was able to regain his job, or if he is still being relieved. the episode ends with a montage that includes us seeing claire receiving a text saying the agents are coming and then we see the agents converging on the home while claire is outside in the arms of a flying nathan. we also see sylar in the home of the hunter, but who knows where that will take us. heroes will be taking a week off but will be back with new episodes in two weeks.


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  1. HotWomen Says:

    I never thought I will agree with this opinion, but you know… I agree partially now.

  2. Gotham Green Says:

    what part of the opinion are you speaking on?

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