Watchmen = Worst Movie Of 2009


so i just got home from seeing the watchmen. let me start this off by saying i have been wanting to see this movie for around 10 months. what a waste of time. 2 hours and 43 minutes after walking into the theatre i wish i had never even left my house.

the movie, which had tons of potential, fell way short of what i thought it would be. the best part of the movie was the character rorschach, who wore a insane constantly changing mask. he was bad ass, but even he was not enough for me to call this a good movie. the fake batman was wack, as was the bird who he fell for. throughout the whole movie i had to see doctor manhattan’s penis. why? this was definitely the worst part of the movie, closely followed by the overall acting. also, between the somewhat interesting action scenes was the most boring story line ever.

overall, i would give this movie 1 star out of 10. save yourself around 11 dollars and 3 hours and wait till this movie hits tv, don’t even rent it.


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48 Responses to “Watchmen = Worst Movie Of 2009”

  1. TareX Says:

    Agreed. Worst movie ever. Sucked on so many different levels. Rorschach was indeed the best (or only good thing) about this movie.

    How bad was it? A WHOLE LOT worse than Spiderman 3.

  2. Mes Says:

    You sir, suck. If you read the book first you’d probably understand it more. Be more nerdy!

  3. fullbodytransplant Says:

    Check out this Watchmen marquee. The Squid is all in your head:


  4. The Comedian Says:

    do not judge what you cant understand.

    i bet a million times you haven’t read the graphic novel, so you don’t know a squat.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Worst movie. i wanted my money back. Just a poor excuse to have heroes be bad and show wierd sex scenes

  6. supporter Says:

    I agree with you and i was not the only one i did a survey in the university most people who saw it disliked alot

    and for those of you who say read the novel the movie must be sufficient to deliver no one pays $10.00 for a ticket and have to buy the novel for another god knows how much and spend time reading the novel thats why movies are out there u spend less than 3 hours to understand the story and not have to read 500 pages

  7. thebigsmoke Says:

    This is a poor review.

  8. anonymous Says:

    worst fucking movie ever

  9. Matumbo Says:

    I saw it last night and I too wished i didn’t even leave the house. The acting and screen play was so bad i haven’t seen something this shit since “The 13th Warrior”. It has become unfortunate that film studios are no longer interested in creating decent watchable films but pieces of crap that they know will make them money because we are all still ignorant and hopeful that the studios are still capable of creating something decent.
    Oh and to all of those people who said if you didn’t read the novel first you don’t understand it. Grow up even reading the novel the film is a piece of shit and it will be running for the worst film of 2009

  10. Rorschach Says:

    I don’t understand why small minded people even deserve the right to live. That was a great movie, my favorite as of watching it. I never read the novel, I am now, it is currently sitting on my lap. As for the Doc. penis thing, if you read the novel, he is slowly losing touch with his humanity. He feels like he does not belong to the world anymore and does not desire a need for clothing. I must agree that Rorschach is my favorite character only by a margin. Now, seriously, go back to school. Take another grammer class. Maybe an art too, for a opening of the soul. Go see the movie again. Then read the book.


  11. Gotham Green Says:

    i rarely police my blog comments, because i am very opinionated and encourage all people to voice their opinion. however, to all those who commented here or will comment here in the future, please refrain from telling other people they are stupid or dumb or whatever because they don’t like the movie.. they have their opinion like you have yours.

    with that said, the movie sucked, get over it… i didn’t read the book and don’t want to.

    and to rorschach: i respect your opinion on liking the film, but i happened to not like the film. have you never not liked something someone else liked? also, if they were trying to display his loss of touch with humanity, thats fine, but why do i need to see his penis for more than half the movie? wouldn’t once have been enough, and then cut to upper body shots? also, no need to tell me to go back to school, or to disrespect my grammar. i choose to write this way, if you don’t like it, there are millions if not billions of other sites you can go to.

    the person who writes this blog.

  12. Cat Says:

    Okay, I respect your opinion about how some people like certain things and some people don’t, but your points about WHY you don’t like the movie are just ridiculous. First off, you don’t see Dr. Manhattan’s penis for half the movie, you only see it in like five scenes- plus, if you really didn’t want to see it, why would you be constantly looking at it? They usually tried to cover it up when it was possible.
    Second, Nite Owl is not a “fake Batman.” Just because his character is similar to Batman doesn’t mean that he’s just like him- he’s completely original. He’s an owl, not a bat.
    And last, the plot line wasn’t boring at ALL- It didn’t even feel like nearly three hours because it was so interesting. Don’t complain about a movie you didn’t understand because you didn’t read the book if you don’t even have interest in reading the book.

  13. anonymous Says:

    Worst review of 2009.

  14. Natron Says:

    If you were expecting X men, I could see why you hated it. This is not a superhero movie, it was just sold as one to the public so mediocre minds would go see it too. This is the same country that elected W twice you realize…

  15. MR. Inc. Says:

    I thought this movie was a joke. I could have sworn that I was watching a three hour long capitol one credit card commercial, you know the ones with the corny superhero’s. Also, the story lined practically mimicked that of the childrens movie, The incredibles. Overall, I was highly dissapointed in this movie.

  16. danlap Says:

    … i will never get those 3 hours back… never….

  17. Kernkraft Says:

    The reason why you are so very, very wrong about watchmen is because you went to see a superhero movie.

    You saw the trailer with the pretty costumes and assumed you were going to watch the next x-men/ batman/ spiderman film- watchmen is more an examination of the American psyche through the superhero genre- something that is inescapably American.

    Nite-Owl is “a fake Batman” in a way because hes a pastiche of Batman, when Alan Moore wrote the novel he wasn’t trying to “copy” Batman and make a cool character for people to buy action figures of, he was examining what Batman would really be like.

    As for the criticisms about having to see a penis, what are you, ten? Have you never seen a god damn penis before? The fact that Dr Manhattan wears less and less clothes as time goes on is showing how he is starting to disconnect from humanity.

    This isn’t a film they wanted to turn into a franchise, there were no burger king toys, no action figures, no childrens colouring books- it’s not a simple movie.

    Basically you watched this film because you wanted heroes vs villains, bad-ass fight scenes, a love interest and a happy ending; you’re like the person who thought fight club was all about boxing. I can agree that maybe some things were lost in translation from the novel, but watch the film again without trying to have any pre-conceptions and you’ll realise that this is a great movie.

    The one thing I would say to anybody going to watch it is THIS IS NOT A SUPERHERO MOVIE.

  18. Kernkraft Says:

    oh and Mr Inc? Watchmen was written in the early 1980s, so Incredibles actually stole from it πŸ™‚

  19. Cat Says:


  20. QQ Says:

    Lol why are you comparing Fight Club with Watchmen? Watchmen is an incomplete movie. Fucking horrible acting, worst I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stay awake, my buddy kept kicking me to wake up. Now, wasn’t Fight Club was based on a book too? Unlike watchmen, it was a success. I love fight club. You should not have to read any material, or rewatch the movie again to better understand it. If people didn’t get it the first time, then the movie failed.


  21. Nick Says:

    I liked it up until the ending. When they “heros” failed and millions of people were killed, just to keep war from breaking out, I got super pissed. The blue guy was the real villian. They should have had him die in the end. I personally don’t want to see a movie with a depressing ending, (life’s like that already.)

  22. natalie_sd Says:

    If you never read the comic, why the hell should I listen to what you say? As an avid lover of the Watchmen comic, sure it wasn’t the best movie ever but it wasn’t the worst movie ever. There were inaccuracies, but that comes with every book to movie film. How bout you guys actually read the book and base it on that since that is what a critic should do!?

  23. Gotham Green Says:

    who ever said i was a critic natalie? i write what i feel, just a regular person, this is not my job. i post on this blog as a hobby. if u don’t like it, enjoy the trillion other sites that are on the web.

    also, i never forced u to listen to what i write, so in regards to the 1st sentence on ur post… DON’T, click off my site, and go somewhere else, perhaps a watchmen lovers site…

    good day.

  24. Cerveza Says:

    This movie stinks… no really. it was just awful. It was like they crammed 2 movies into 1. it might have worked if they split it up and explained the first group of heros, the Dr Manhattan, who brunets father was and made the climax about the veitnam war. All the subplots. it was like a sudoku puzzle just tring to line everything up. The first scene was good, but then it was like they ran out of money. And why would they have to show you how manhattan was losing touch with humanity but getting his wang out when they tell you on screen. Oh yeah “the symbolism to the fans”. What a fat load. And nightowl isn’t like batman? Hes got a owl cave, owl ship, owl suit, random gadgets and a bunch of money. I’d say just different enough to avoid copyright infringment. And yeah DC not a franchise, gimme a break. I’m not all harsh, the cimematography was fantastic but all over the movie was garbage because it tried to please all the people reading graphic novels. I took my girlfriend to see this for entertainment purposes on a lazy sunday and we have never exchanged so many looks with rasied eyebrows. I can’t even beleive this went through so many peoples hands and still went into production. Just awful.

  25. Stan Says:

    I could not have said it better than Gotham Green. Perfect review. I only wish I would have read this before I rented the movie. Crap!

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  27. Kernkraft Says:

    *head in hands*

    how can they be worried about copyright infringement when batman and watchmen are both by the same company (DC)

  28. Cerveza Says:

    not literally dumbass

  29. Narrie Says:

    Definitely the worst movie of the year, I must have seen 100 movies this year and this was the only one I couldn’t wait to leave, 2 hrs and 45 mins of pure torture.

    I can’t believe it has 7.8 on IMDB, it should be 5 or below.

  30. Chuck U. Farley Says:

    The book is good (not great), and the movie is horrible. Trying to cram the whole story into one movie turned it into one giant mess that sucked beyond belief. Zack Snyder gave the movie the look that it deserved but the movie was so friggin’ hard to follow because of the complex and very under explained plot as well as the fact that it was extremely boring. It would have been more entertaining to watch a nursing home security camera for three hours rather than forcing my eyes open throughout this movie.

    I read the book after watching this movie, and it did help me appreciate the movie a little more. But for all of you high-brow nerds that are bashing people on here and telling them that they’re idiots because they never read the book I have to ask you something: how can you consider a movie to be good if you have to read the book to understand it? The movie is a retelling of the novel and it should be able to stand on it’s own two feet without making the viewer read the book/instructions to understand it. This movie was horribly done and anyone that tells you otherwise is a book nerd that doesn’t understand movies.

  31. thepwner Says:

    Chuck wins the internet!!!!!!11!!

  32. Jimmy_In Says:

    Hi everyone, I was wondering how this movie would make some profit, how people would manage to leave the theater without having the movie’s ending ??????????? simply the movie is INCOMPLETE .
    Just like some DOWNLOAD INCOMPLETE!!!.

    To ppl who ask us to read the book:: Hello! We’re not here doin any academic course πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ Its the duty of d movie to explain it all. tat’s Y WE PAY for it…..

  33. Anonymous Says:

    dude stfu you probly liked transformers soyou dont know what a good movies looks like also u need to read the book

  34. megan fox Says:

    Yeaaah the movie blows donkey bawlz

  35. megan fox Says:

    Wait a minute, i forgot to mention one thing. The movie was an EPIC FAIL.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    terrible movie they play songs during the film the acting was garbage the whole idea was crap then the scene with the comedian with the music playing and hes shooting hippies its just crap 1 big TURD SANDWHICH this glowing blue guy can go to dinner and sit down with regular people and no1 freaks out its just so fucking stupid

  37. chella Says:

    absolutely the worst movie I have ever seen, bar none. The characters were not explained at all – are they human? what makes them “super”? Too many loose ends, boring as ****, so many bad things about it, just awful. I PVRd it so didn’t lose any money over it, yet I was still pissed off.

  38. Yossi Says:

    Worst movie ever!
    1) Dr Manhattan is too powerful as a superhero, all is in instant killing and teleport.
    2) Bad guy is just live in the end, and excused for all thing.
    3) Rest of actors have no important roles except Roschach.
    4) No clear segmentation, superhero movie, sex movie or philosophy movie?
    5) Bad rating ever in Indonesia.

  39. Matt96 Says:

    You know what?Maybe it’s not perfect,but Watchmen definitely isn’t the worst movie of 2009!It has a great idea,great soundtracks(reaally great),and the actors did their work well.
    And why you guys think,if there is one sex scene,the movie is a porn?That’s just ridiculous!

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  41. Anonymous Says:

    Worst Movie? you must not have seen Transformers 2 or Legend of Chung-Li

  42. s Says:

    This is actually a fantastic movie. There are many underlying plots which take some thinking to understand, and as many people have said, this is not a superhero movie. None of the characters are or are supposed to be superheroes. They are called “costumed adventurers” because that’s what they are, just people in costumes who want to do something good. This movie is meant to convey what true human nature is and it does that; shows that sometimes there isn’t a black and white right and wrong answer to every question (which most movies have, *especially* most superhero movies…) and shows the torture of people like Adrian, who has to face that the only way he can think of averting nuclear war that will destroy the planet is to kill millions. This doesn’t make him evil, this just makes him more liberal and compromising than characters like, say, rorschach who refuses to compromise even facing his own death at the end. This movie is spectacular, though maybe a little much to take in on the first viewing. Also, about John’s penis, yeah, that’s there. Deal with it.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    I agree wt everything s says and all commenters and the author think this is the movie ever: Fuck You

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck you Gotham Gay and the shitheaded retards who agree with you! This movie was Fucking Amazing

  45. esvar Says:

    12 minutes of titles, annoying voice over as if there is lot of excitement…for initial 20 mins detachment is more interesting…i shift deleted this movie and started to search internet to see if any one else disliked this movie! i’ll never ever watch a movie based on IMDB rating.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Im noticing a trend. Every person who dislikes this film has a small grasp on the english language and very poor grammar. A coincidence? I think not. Alittle boring yes. Very cheesy sex scene yes. Worst movie of 2009? Are you fucking kidding me?

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Worst movie ever, can’t believe this was mixed in with V for vendetta in a combo pack I bought. I’m glad at least V for vendetta was good.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    The only good superhero with principles gets killed by the confused blue penis guy who decides to side with the villain at the end of the movie. You can’t make a worse movie if you tried.

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