T.O. Cut By The Cowboys

terrell owens

terrell owens has been released by the dallas cowboys. owens signed with the team in 2006 and was the best receiver on the team while he played there. during the 2008 season owens had 69 receptions for 1,052 yards and 10 touchdowns. owens’ career has been full of controversy on and off the field. after publicly stating his disliking for quarterback and then teammate donovan mcnabb he was released by the philadelphia eagles.

after being released at the end of the 2005 season t.o. signed with the cowboys and the controversy soon followed. 6 months after signing with dallas it was reported that owens tried to kill himself by overdosing on hydrocodone. after being released from the hospital owens held a press conference and said he was not trying to kill himself but the media had a field day with the situation. shortly after that during a game against the falcons ownes spit in the face of deangelo hall. for this incident owens was fined $35,000. owens also did not get along with head coach bill parcells, going as far as to say he learned nothing from him.

during the 2008 season there were rumors that owens was unhappy with the play of quarterback tony romo. there was also rumors that some players on the cowboys didn’t like the way owens acted and this caused turmoil in the locker room. whatever the reason, owens was cut by the dallas cowboys on march 5th, 2009.


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One Response to “T.O. Cut By The Cowboys”

  1. die hard Redskin Says:

    Just want to say that the Cow Girls will miss T.O. but the buzz in the District is talks been going on between T.O. and Mr Synder and they where good so look and listen for newa of Redskin to sign the big receiver and cut Moss so thanks to Mr. Jones

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