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sorry for last weeks non-review. back to normal this week…

what’s going on? noah was kidnapped by suresh, parkman, and peter. when parkman goes inside his head to learn the truth behind who’s responsible, he sees that angela officially shut down the workings of primatech. shortly after that noah is approached by nathan to join his government funded agency in charge of imprisoning those with powers. noah agrees and is introduced to the hunter. we are seeing all this as a memory parkman is extracting. two weeks ago i thought noah was a good guy, now im not sure again.

peter goes to noah’s warehouse which is under surveillance and is spotted by the hunter. i think this will lead to an episode ending confrontation between the hunter and peter. after parkman sees that suresh and noah met this starts a conflict between the two. during their fight noah manages to escape. as this episode unravels its hard to tell where certain alliances are. we know that nathan has his objective, but even he must be careful to not let the hunter know he has powers. we know parkman has daphne’s death still in his head and must want some form of revenge. where suresh and noah’s alliances are are still up in the air.

halfway through the episode and we’re yet to see claire, hiro or sylar. suresh and parkman search for noah who tries to escape in a car before peter stops him. they tie him back up and parkman gets back inside his head. we are flashed back to noah’s meeting with the hunter, this is where we see the mutual disliking for each other. parkman extracts the address and peter loads his gun and flys off. noah tries to warn them to not look any further. again, since im not sure where noah true loyalty lies, its hard to say whether he is stearing them in the wrong direction by saying not to go searching for the hunter. either way, peter goes.

the hunter comes home to find peter waiting for him. obviously he doesn’t kill him, even though he had the perfect chance. nathan arrives to warn him not to do it and he fly’s away. as the soldiers advance on the hotel where parkman and suresh are holed up in noah tells parkman daphne is alive. what a surprise, another person on this show not dead. instead of the hunter and noah being killed, suresh is captured and parkman is almost captured until peter saves him. suresh’s interrogation yields nothing for the audience. even though nathan explains to suresh the plan of the plane ride, its nothing we couldn’t infer. they were going to be locked away forever, yada yada yada.

the end of the episode has noah and the hunter in a conversation about who is responsible for letting the heroes escape. they seemingly come to an understanding that they focus on what’s best for their team. knowing the loyalties of the two men its hard for me to say either man was being honest. the next scene is a mindf*ck, pardon my language. we see noah and angela on angela on a bench planning something having to do with tricking nathan. weird. i thought angela shut down her project.

i think heroes is going back to first season. the last scene of the episode is matt parkman pulling a isaac mendez and painting a bomb going off in dc on the floor. setting up for a good season finale, season 1 style.


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One Response to “Heroes ‘Cold War’”

  1. Carla Says:

    Very cool episode. I like the twist at the end, and can’t wait to see how Noah is going to handle balancing between right and wrong the next couple episodes. It’s just too bad Sylar wasn’t in it. For those of you who missed it, you can check it out online here…


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