Don’t Mess With 50

so, recently 50 cent has been in a war of words with rick ross. this feud started with 50 cent calling out lil wayne for a line wayne said in a song with lil boosie. wayne wanted nothing with 50 but rick ross stepped up with a half ass line about 50 cent’s baby mama house fire situation. after that 50 went in with diss songs and cartoon videos all directed to rick ross who 50 now refers to as officer ricky. also, being targeted by 50 cent is dj khaled. khaled and ross are good friends and both rep the miami area heavy. so after 50 cent took rick ross’ baby mama on a shopping spree in manhattan and posted it on the web ross responded with a suspect diss record and his own cartoon video. in typical 50 cent fashion he has one upped ross and put the following video on youtube addressing dj khaled.

how does this guy come up with this stuff, and how does he get such inside info. crazy, but the lesson to learn here is don’t mess with 50.

enjoy the video:

note: gotham green online does not condone violence of any kind and are not taking sides. we just post what we see. don’t kill the messenger.


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One Response to “Don’t Mess With 50”

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