Heroes ‘Trust And Blood’



trust and blood finds the heros after the plane crash trying to escape while figuring out what’s happening. why were they being transported, and to where? nathan, who seems to be on the hook for the accident is relaying what happened after the crash at the crash site and surrounding area to somebody over the phone, that somebody is his boss i assume. we find out that peter can only hold on to one power at at time, or so he thinks, i believe he has the ability to access all his powers, he just needs to find out how. he will…

parkman is drawing the future and draws a picture of daphne being injured at the crash site. we see this happening when a few heroes are ambushed and daphne is shot. parkman along with hiro and ando are able to escape but claire is captured by the hunter. the hunter is a mean looking soldier who is sent to wrangle all the escapees. noah express to nathan that claire’s safety is his number one priority after nathan tells him claire is running out of favors. nathan is losing his patience with claire after he finds out that she snuck on the plane with the rest of the heros after he tried to give her a pass. i enjoy seeing claire’s character is growing up and becoming a strong woman who is capable of really being a force. i think she is going to have an integral part in the climax of this season.

sylar is on a mission to find out information on his father. he breaks into the home of a single mother and son with a special agent as his hostage. i don’t know what these two know that would be useful to sylar, but i’m sure i as well as sylar will find out soon enough. as he prods these two for answers we find out that the son, luke campbell has an ability. he shows sylar he can send mico-waves through his hands. some stuff melts, some burns, water boils he explains. we also find out that sylar’s father lives up the street from the campbell family in newark new jersey. apparently the kid is just as sick as sylar, when he had the chance to save his and his mother from sylar, he instead kills the special agent. i was not expecting to see that. instead of killing the kid sylar agrees to take him along on a search for his father. luke tells sylar he knows where his father is and he will take him to his driveway. i am curious to see where this situation goes, will young luke become a regular for the season, or will sylar get rid of him when he no longer needs him. sylar with a sidekick, that could be dangerous. sylar alone is dangerous, so we’ll say that could be way more dangerous.

is noah a good guy? he has made it quite clear he will not let anything happen to claire, and now he doesn’t take a shot at peter when he had his beam on his forehead. tracy who was double crossing nathan ended up almost triple crossing peter who was able to get away by absorbing nathan’s ability to fly and flying out of harms way. he assumes his natural position of leader with the escaped heros. he tells them they cant go back to their own lives. they are now fugitives. hence the name of this season.

halfway through the episode i figured out nathan’s phone conversation was not with his boss, but rather either angela or arthur, who we assume from last season is dead, but i feel is still alive. i was correct, in the end of the episode we find out that the conversation was with angela who tells nathan she will not help him capture peter. the last scene involves tracy being subdued by nathan’s goons. she goes out by screaming “you’re one of us nathan, you’re one of us”, i’m not sure if they killed her, i doubt it but we will see.

till next week.


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