Joe Budden Padded Room 2/24/09

joe budden

joe budden will be releasing his sophomore album this month after a long 6 year hiatus from releasing any albums. during the 6 years joe wasn’t doing nothing, he kept his name alive in the rap world by consistently dropping classic mixtape after classic mixtape. his mood muzik series was considered better than most albums that dropped around the time he released his 3 installments. he was recently let go by his former label def jam and quickly inked a deal with amalgam digital, a up and coming independent hip hop label.

joe was originally supposed to drop his sophomore album padded room in october of 2008, but due to a push back was forced to release a pre album entitled halfway house. halfway house, according to joe, was recorded in two weeks and according to me is a quality cd. sticking to the regular joe budden format there was not many features on halfway house and the same can be said for padded room.

padded room track listing as of now:

1. “Now I Lay”
2. “The Future” (feat. The Game & Dominic)
3. “If I Gotta Go”
4. “Don’t Make Me”
5. “Blood On The Wall”
6. “In My Sleep”
7. “Exxxes”
8. “I Couldn’t Help It”
9. “Adrenaline”
10. “Happy Holidays” (feat. Emanny)
11. “Do Tell”
12. “Angel In My Life”
13. “Pray For Me”



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