Heroes Season Premiere

heroes nbc


this week was the premiere of the new season of heroes on nbc. chapter 1: a clear and present danger.

the episode starts with tracy strauss, played by ali larter, at home watching nathan petrelli on tv giving an interview. as she is watching the interview she is kidnapped. we then find hiro and ando in tokyo at an old firehouse that hiro has purchased and turned into his lair. a powerless hiro now believes its ando’s destiny to be a superhero. he now is trying to help ando fulfill his destiny. hiro is lost in the world without his power and ando doesn’t want to have someone living through him. he takes off on the motorcycle hiro has gotten for him. im wondering if the days of hiro with powers are over… i know he will somehow get his powers back, no doubt in some corny impossible way, but what if he doesn’t and he becomes ando’s sidekick? just a thought… cut to peter petrelli the paramedic trying to save a man’s life in the middle of the street in manhattan. unable to resuscitate the man peter walks away disappointed in himself. claire is struggling with the idea of a normal life with the fear of sylar still on the loose. angela wanting her to apply to college tries to console her and reassure her that sylar is dead. claire doesn’t believe angela and for good reason. we see sylar in what looks to be clock/watch repair shop. with the look of insanity in his eyes he confronts his father.

parkman and daphne argue over being normal and not using their powers anymore. parkman wants to put everything of the recent past behind him and daphne quickly agrees with him to end the argument. im not too sure about daphne. claire eavesdrops on a phone conversation between angela and nathan concerning claire’s suspicion of sylar being alive. she overhears nathan saying peter and parkman will be ‘taken down’ and that angela must keep claire away from them and from digging any deeper. angela catches claire eavesdropping and claire rushes out. sylars goes on to question his father about leaving him as a child. sylar’s father expresses disgust in ever having a child with sylar’s mother whom he called sick and infantile. sylar is still conflicted from last season’s mind games angela played on him and is still searching for the true answer to who he is. his father tells him he was given to the couple by a man who needed money. the man was his ‘father’s’ brother. he gives sylar the man’s address and after briefly contemplating killing the man sylar leaves. im very interested to see where sylar really comes from. whilst in the street in new york city peter receives a call from claire who explains to him that angela and nathan are formulating a plan to detain those with powers including matt parkman. peter tells claire he will speak to his mom and get back to her. peter hops in a cab driven by suresh. they have a brief conversation about nathan. suresh seems to agree with nathan’s thoughts that people with powers are dangerous. interesting change in mindset. peter exits the cab and a mysterious man with a gun gets in it. instructing suresh to just drive we see the cab atop a parking garage pull up to a black s.u.v. with several armed masked men standing outside it. after being threatened to get in the s.u.v. suresh uses his power of super strength to escape from the men. out of no where noah arrives to pick suresh up only to deliver him to the mysterious man. at this point im not sure who is on what side and which side is good or which side is bad.

peter arrives at his family’s home to find nathan alone. the two have a conversation about nathan’s plan. nathan tries to convince peter that he is doing what is necessary. nathan tries to smooth things over by extending a dinner invitation to peter, but in my opinion, judging from the look on nathan’s face he is up to no good. before peter leaves nathan asks peter what he can do, what powers he still have and peter avoids answering the question. parkman has an illusion of the african man usutu who tells him he must take a journey. he tells parkman he has been chosen to be a prophet. parkman’s eyes go white and he begins drawing. we find hiro at the lair talking to ando who is at the strip club. as hiro is telling ando he has a destiny and a responsibility to save the world he is taken by a group of masked men.

with parkman drawing unconsciously there is a sudden bang on the door. claire warns parkman that he is in danger, that angela and nathan are after him. parkman informs claire of his new ability to draw the future and shows her the pictures. the picture depicts pictures of claire and parkman and just then parkman is hit in the neck with a stun gun and the masked men surround them. peter arrives at his apartment to find nathan waiting inside. peter tries to tell nathan he wants to live a normal life and lets him know he wont be a part of nathan’s plan. the two hug and peter is stunned by noah. if i wasn’t confused before, im definitely confused now. sylar arrives at the address he was given by his ‘father’. that is where he is attacked by the masked men who try to take him into custody. sylar uses his powers to fight the men off and questions one of the men sent to capture him. the man doesn’t answer the question of who he was sent by and sylar kills him.

ando, back at the lair tries to figure out the password to access the gps chip implanted in hiro. after figuring out the password, ‘ando’, he figures out the location of hiro. we find nathan in a airplane hanger where he is approached by the mysterious man who we saw in suresh’s cab. as handcuffed captives are being led out of hummers with orange jumpsuits on and covers on their heads he informs nathan of the sylar situation. he also shows nathan that claire was captured along with the rest of the heroes. nathan has her uncuffed and tries to send her home. he puts her in the back of a car and it is driven off. the rest of the capitves are led into the back of an aircraft. claire somehow kicks the driver of the car who’s head smashes the window and she gets out of the car. before the plane takes off she sneaks on it through the landing gear. she tries to save the heros and she wakes up peter and suresh. peter absorbs suresh’s power of super strength. he commences to fight the guards on the plane while instructing claire to go to the cockpit. claire stuns a guard and enters the cockpit where she finds the pilot and noah. peter who comes in contact with tracy absorbs her power of the ability to freeze things with touch freezes the side of the plane and causes a hole in the plane. the plane starts to go down and the heroes hold on trying not to be thrown from the plane. peter loses his grip and almost gets tossed from the plane but is saved by suresh’s grab. thats where the episode ends, with the plane about to crash into the ground. to be continued….

judging from the preview for next weeks episode it looks like none of the main characters die in the plane crash, which is a little weak, but we’ll see what happens next time. good first episode, i was entertained. i still want to know what happened with arthur, is he really dead? are they not going to ever bring him back up? peter is still the man and is probably more powerful now then ever before. i’m not sure what to think about noah and angela who are now working with nathan it seems. i’m kind of sick of hiro and can’t see him making that much of an impact in his current no power having state. i think parkman is becoming a major part of the show and his powers are becoming way more important to the story line. he is the new mister eeesak (hiro’s voice). we’ll see how the season unfolds…


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