Pettitte Stays In New York

andy pettitte

andy pettitte signed a one year deal with the yankees worth $5.5 million. with incentives pettitte could earn $12 for the year. i am happy about this. i am a yankee fan and an andy pettitte fan, i don’t care that he is on the older side of professional life, or that he played with the astros for a little bit he is a yankee in my mind. i think he feels the same way, here is what he had to say “there was no other team ever brought into the equation. my mind never changed. I wanted to come back to the yankees, and in my mind, I was going to be back.”

pettitte turned down an offer from the yankees in the winter for one year worth $10.5 million. the reason he turned this down according to his agents was because it would be too much of a pay cut from the $16 million he earned each of the last two years. to me its interesting that now he would take $5.5 million with incentives. here is what he had to say on that. “i guess it does take a shot at your pride a little bit, but when you put all that aside, I wanted to play for the new york yankees. that was the bottom line. i wanted to be there and play in that new stadium.”



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One Response to “Pettitte Stays In New York”

  1. Chris Says:

    Andy Pettitte has long been on of my faves as well. I grew up a Yankee fan in Michigan. I’ve been in Houston for 25 years now, and am just happy I got to see him pitch here for a while. He is a Yankee.

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