Gotham Green @ Sundance Film Festival 2009

gotham green sundance festival


what up people? hope all is well with you. so im sitting in my hotel room in san diego right now with 8% battery life on my laptop. i just received a bunch of flicks from my trip to sundance from the home girl lady sunshine. i was out there with the big homie haps to perform a couple shows including 1 with masta ace. while i was there i met this cool kid named knox. knox was there to premiere the graffiti movie he shot called a day in the life the day at the masta ace show. same promoter booked us both.

anyways, the first night we got to utah was sunday and we hit a private pre premiere screening of knox’ movie. from there we hit the hotel for a bit to relax and smoke before heading out to a souls of mischief show where i re-linked up with opio whom i had went on a small tour with a few years ago. while there i was drinking a little bit, which if you know me, makes me a little less reserved than i usually am. so, i see knox holding his video camera but not recording anything. the show was tight but souls didn’t go on till 1 o’clock and in utah thats when they stop serving alcohol. around 1:45 we left to head back to the hotel and thats when i, half jokingly half not expecting anythingLY, holla’d at knox to see if he wanted to record some footage of gotham green invading sundance, and before long we had an idea to shoot a small documentary about it instead of just some footage. after we chopped it up about that for a few minutes i smoked a bit and went to sleep.

start day 2 of my sundance trip. monday afternoon a bunch of the cats we were with and i went to main street to go check the shit out. we arrived and went straight to the club we were gonna perform at on wednesday night to grab a few drinks. its pretty cold in utah and i decided the only way to stay warm with no winter coat and not enough layers was to down a few shots of jameson. so after downing the shots we hit to road to get some heads on camera for the documentary. i decided it would be funny to ask people if the ever heard of gotham green and see if anybody would lie to me just trying to be cool for the camera… that didn’t happen, but we got laughs and had a lot of festival goers thinking i was somebody. the first girl i got on camera was very receptive but had no idea who i was. gotham green sundance festival i wasn’t insulted, she played along with it and gave us some time then we headed down the road to attack more people. we hit up a lot of people who didn’t want to mess with us including a bird who told me she was anti-social when i asked for an interview. why go to a festival if you’re anti-social???? but i digress. this lady below was cool with us interviewing her. i don’t remember it at all but i am pretty confident she didn’t know gotham green. gotham green sundance festival after letting that lady go about her business we strolled down the road for a little bit till i saw this dude… gotham green toxic avenger sundance festival the toxic avenger, crazy right? right. dude didn’t say a word but shook his head no when asked if he knew of gotham green. the funny thing is that nobody we interviewed had heard of me, which was expected, but occasionally while we were interviewing people a crowd would gather and snap pictures of us or look curiously trying to figure out who i was. here is one of those people. gotham green sundance festival this cat rolled up on us while we were interviewing someone and started giving me dap and taking pictures of me. he was cool, and after giving him the impression that he met somebody dope, which he did, we kept it moving down the street.

here is where it gets kinda interesting. knox and i were talking about getting as many celebs as we could on video. not too many were spotted by yours truely but the ones that were spotted were hit up to do a quick drop for the kid. so as we are walking i see a small commotion dead in the middle of the street. who do we see? of all the people to come across on a celebrity drenched street we run into chris kattan, thats right that old night at the roxbury dude. gotham green chris kattan what do i do, go right up to him, put my arm around him and say ‘yo, i need a drop from you for this documentary im doing’. acting super nervously he seemed to not be very enthused to give me a drop. so what do i do? i say ‘hey man, i only got you for a second, you’re giving me a drop.’ or something along those lines, after that, he did the drop then did the dip. you’ll see the drop when the documentary is posted. that night we kept it low eating some mexican food and smoking a bit.

tuesday we did the sundance at day thing again and this time we ran into danny masterson who was waiting for his brother to come out of the starbucks. being that i am from long island and so is he i figured he would be cool. he was, he showed me love and did the drop no problem. we interview a few more ‘regular’ folks and then around 7 headed back to the hotel. we had a show that night in salt lake city. on the way back to the hotel i started feeling fluish and by the time we got back to the hotel i felt like i was dying. i was going from burning up to shivering back and forth unable to get comfortable. i took a nap and around 9:30 we went up to the venue which did not get particularly busy at any point in the night. i was ok with that being that i felt like shit and didn’t even think i could go on. i did and haps and i killed it. weird thing is i felt so bad while sitting in the club waiting till our set started and as soon as i was done with the set, but when i was on stage i felt great, didn’t feel sick at all. no drinking that night, not even too many cigarettes smoked. as soon as the show was over there was no debate in my mind about going straight to the hotel room and to sleep. the next day was the bigger show and i didn’t want to feel terrible during that.

i woke up around noon and didn’t have anything to do until the limo came to get us at 3 pm to take us to the venue. lady sunshine got me some sudafed which made me feel a lot better. thank you so much sunshine. after showering and getting ready i still had about 2 hours to kill. i went over to haps’ room and we smoked and watched 2 crazy episodes of law and order. 1 which was about identical twins both born boys but after a botched circumcision 1 is raised as a girl and one about a old open case of a young boy who was abducted and murdered, which sounds run of the mill for law and order but if you saw this, it was very weird. ok, sorry about that quick law and order review. we got in the limo at 3 and i was feeling ok at that point. when we arrived at the venue the first of 2 films was being screened. that movie was knox’ ‘a day in the life’. after kicking it for a bit and hitting the streets to holla at more heads i started feeling kinda sickish again so i decided around 7 to take a nap in the green room. i slept till about 8:30 or so and the live performances began at 9. in the green room was the few acts aside from masta ace and a troupe of female dancers. i actually was woken up by these cackling birds when they got into the green room. we smoked a bunch and pretty much partied it up in the club waiting to rap. shout out to the fortyseven who killed it that night.

when we hit the stage around midnight i was about 6 patron shots deep and whilst on stage i knocked down 3 more. gotham green sundance

gotham green sundance
the show was dope and the crowd was receptive. we had the crowd rocking out for a half hour and got a bunch of compliments on our music after we got off the stage. not to brag, but i think when people see me in the club they think im just a partygoer because i kinda stay quiet, but when i hit the stage im like a different person, a better person, just playing, but not really. the night was great overall but what sucked is i had a 6:10 am flight back to los angeles, to get to san diego. since we got back to the hotel at 2:30 and i had to be in a cab headed to the airport at 4:30 i figured staying up was the best option.

like i said this was a long post but i enjoyed it. i had a blast at sundance and as soon as my man knox edits the documentary im gonna post it here. im finally gonna get some sleep after not having slept in over 35 hours.


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4 Responses to “Gotham Green @ Sundance Film Festival 2009”

  1. Gotham Green @ Sundance Film Festival 2009 « Gotham Green’s Blog Says:

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    it sounded awesome! im glad you had fun 🙂

  3. shama Says:

    ok wait, that was me that wrote the previous post, forgot to put my name hahaha. let me know when you put the doc up!

  4. Zubin Says:

    Hey cuz –

    Just read your Sundance post. Sounds like things went well there, aside from bird fru. Hahaha, birds. Looking forward to the doc.

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