Yankees Sign Mark Teixeira

mark teixeira

the new york yankees made another huge pick up today. they went out and signed mark teixeira to a 8 year deal worth more than $170 million. teixeira who was also being courted by the red sox and the washington nationals decided to go with the most storied franchise in sports history, and who can blame him? however, this may now put a damper on the yankees chances or desires to make a go for manny ramirez who is looking for a big money deal over a 3 year period. the teixeira pick up is one of many the yankees have made this winter. in addition to teixeira the yankees made deals for cc sabathia and aj burnett as well as nick swisher. the yank’s also avoided arbitration with pitcher chien-ming wang by signing the 28 year old to a one year deal worth $5 million. wang, who was injured most of last year, has been a solid pitcher for the yankees and in 2006 led the league with 19 wins. the yankees obviously didn’t like the feeling of ending their season in august last year and are trying to make sure they have the best possible squad to get them back to october baseball; a place they know well.


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One Response to “Yankees Sign Mark Teixeira”

  1. Fishr Pzz Says:

    had to use a pic of him as a Ranger huh?

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