Paid In Full

paid in full

today i just wanted to give some shine to one of my favorite movies. i can easily say this is a top 5 for me. the movie is ‘paid in full’ starring wood harris, mekhi phifer, and cameron giles.

this movies follows a harlem drug dealer in the 80s. this dealer however, had an interesting introduction to the game. while working for a neighborhood dry cleaner wood harris’ character ace finds a rock of cocaine in the pocket of one of the customers pants. when he goes to drop this man’s clothes off he confesses to finding this and tries to give it back. the man tells him to keep it and tells ace that he has plenty and that he himself is a supplier. this begins ace’s path to one day ruling harlem.

ace’s best friend mitch, played by mekhi phifer, was always the hustler type. before ace had any thoughts of dealing mitch was making moves. mitch was a fly, flashy gangster. he sported the finest clothes and drove the nicest cars. mitch ends up going to jail for a little bit where he meets rico. rico, played by cameron giles, is a ‘do whatever i have to’ type of gangster. while these two men are forming a friendship in jail ace is gaining more status on the block as the man.

ace figured that selling the product at the cheapest price would have customers constantly coming back for more. he was right and soon enough he was stealing customers from other dealers and had money coming in hand over fist. while mitch was in jail ace gets his girlfriend (mitch’s sister) pregnant. ace is a good man and a good drug dealer, where mitch would go and try to be seen and noticed ace was the complete opposite. ace preferred to stay under the radar. he had some nice small jewelry and some nice cars, but he tried hard to keep his business low and his profile quiet.

mitch comes home from jail to a stack of money and a brand new red drop top, all provided by ace. mitch tells ace he has heard about him in jail and ace lets mitch know he will be the number 2 and ace’s right hand man. rico who was let out of jail a little bit before mitch joins the crew but remains doing his thing on the side where ever he can. before long the three are making more money than either one was before. life is looking good for mitch and the crew. aside from a few haters they get love and respect from everybody in the hood.

things slowly start to unravel for this crew and sure enough start to go downhill. this starts when ace’s supplier is found murdered and ace has to go to his supplier’s connect to try to keep the coke flowing. this works out for the time being but it makes things a little more complicated for the crew. ace is now responsible for more keys on consignment then ever before. on the day his baby is born something huge happens that shapes the rest of the lives of each crew member. i wont go into details.

this is where im going to end this summary. i don’t want to give away the ending of the movie. i will guarantee you enjoy this movie. if any part of my post has made you want to see this movie then i have succeeded. if you have already seen this movie then you know what im saying. this movie is great and its based on true events. let me know what you guys think.


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3 Responses to “Paid In Full”

  1. dumbworldorder Says:

    thanks- i’m gonna check it out. always heard that it was good. we make movies– but we for christmas we made an xmas album–

    check it out if you like

    Dumbworld Presents: A Very Broke Christmas (with a stocking full of very special guests: such as Santa Clause, Alvin, Simon and Theodore, DJ AutoToon, Stupid Steve and the P-Click).

    Download it for FREE before they turn your internet off.

  2. Zilliah Says:

    I seen that movie a few years ago and still as I watch it today, I’m still glued to the TV wondering whats going to happen, as if I never seen the movie before, but by far this is one of my favorite movies…

  3. THEOLAR Says:

    I just want to know whatever happen to the guy ace that was a kingpin?

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