get familiar with JOE BUDDEN

joe budden halfway house

joe budden is one of the most underrated rappers ever. some people will say im biased because he is in my all time top 5, and the other 4 are dead. he dropped his debut album entitled ‘joe budden’ through def jam in 2003. after a smash hit ‘pump it up’ and the album going gold he was not given any support from his label which made him fall off the radar to the mainstream. thats not to say he coudn’t be heard, he continued to murder mixtapes from then till now. after releasing a series of mixtapes called mood muzik (so far, 3 installments) he negotiated his release from his contract with def jam. soon after being released he signed with independent label amalgam digital. through amalgam joe released the album halfway house in october and is about to release padded room in february.

some of my favorite joe budden tracks off the top of my head are:
10 minutes, all of me, where did it go wrong, calm down, my life, dumb out… youtube him and im sure you will enjoy something.


click the link below for a song called ‘go to hell’ off the album ‘halfway house’



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