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i am writing this as i am watching.

this week was the heroes season finale. last week ended with arthur being shot in the head. in my opinion he is not dead. if he is that will be a terrible end to a great character whom i thought would have a major impact on the show. the finale starts with a montage of all the characters from the past season. then we see peter standing over a “dead” arthur at pinehurst. nathan, who i think is evil and i have a strong suspicion is not peter’s biological brother, walks in and he and peter have a difference of opinion over arthur and the formula. peter draws the gun on nathan after he is given an ultimatum. when it looks like peter is going to give nathan the gun he knocks him out. i knew peter would not side with nathan whom he doesn’t agree with, peter is too loyal to the world, he wont endanger humanity for any reason. meanwhile, sylar has claire, noah, meredith and angela locked up at primatech. with sylar back to his murderous ways i have to imagine he is planning on killing all of them. he plays games with them by toying with their emotions via the pa speakers. the game of hide and seek commences in primatech.

at this point in the episode we switch to hiro who is lost in time 16 years ago with no powers and no thinkable way to get back. back in the present matt, ando and daphne go to suresh’s apartment in hopes to retrieve hiro. when they don’t locate him daphne sets out to find him at pinehurst. before she gets there we see suresh about to inject himself with the formula to save his own life. at the second before he sticks the needle in his arm peter stops him and tells him not to do it. the needle get taken out of his hand by what looks to me like daphne running very fast, but then we see knox and flint come out of no where. here is where it gets weird. knox and flint were hunting peter and claire down, then they disappeared for a while. now they pop up and decide to help peter. i understand the reasoning the writers used which is that if the formula gets out and anybody can obtain powers knox and flint feel they wont be special anymore, but i think its a little weak. anyways lets see what happens. we come to nathan being awoken by the super soldier from the end of last episode. nathan tells the soldier peter must be stopped and the soldier agrees to go get him. right as he heads for the door he is blindsided by knox who snaps his neck. he promptly tells nathan he is working with peter.

just as suspected, it was daphne who stole the dose of the formula from suresh. she did it so ando could take it and get the power of time travel to rescue hiro. there are numerous things that could go wrong with this. parkman tells him the most obvious, there is no telling what power he will get. just because he injects himself and wants to be a time traveler that doesn’t guarantee that he will gain that ability. cut back to hiro in the past and we see him having a conversation with a young hiro. this hiro story line is getting annoying. i used to like hiro but at this point he is becoming less and less important to me as the show goes on. how many times can a guy have, then lose, then get back, then lose his powers? but i digress… so, during the conversation with the young hiro the older hiro realizes a way to “save tomorrow” as he puts it. but he needs help from young hiro. back at primatech sylar offers claire a choice. if she shoots angela she will be let go along with noah and meredith. she doesn’t take that option. meanwhile noah is setting a trap for sylar by letting out some of the level 5 criminals. he tells them if they kill sylar they will be let out. interesting plan, but i don’t think it will work, sylar is too smart and with too much power. as sylar is about to kill meredith he is stopped by eric doyle, the puppet master. however that doesn’t last long as sylar easily gets through doyle and pumps meredith with adrenaline. locked up with time going against them noah must decide whether to kill meredith to save himself. peter and flint are destroying the formula at pinehurst and knox is watching over nathan. after a brief struggle knox is touched by tracy resulting in him being completely frozen and shattered into a million pieces. kind of a wack way to take knox out considering i hadn’t seen tracy for a while and was not really expecting that at that moment. sad to see jamie hector is gone from the show, not that i cared much for knox but he played marlo stanfield on the wire and i was a big fan of that show.

ando, matt and daphne try to figure out ando’s power. they figure out he can’t travel in time but he does do something. after coming in physical contact with him parkman feels as if an explosion went off in his head. daphne goes back in time a few seconds after she touches him. if you recall back in season 2 hiro goes in the future and he sees himself being killed by ando. i feel like the writers could be throwing this whole ‘ando getting powers to save hiro’ thing in to later use it when the 2 of them choose opposite sides. could be a plot line for next season, plot line 1 of 437. claire and angela go to save noah and meredith when sylar grabs claire. instead of killing her or locking her up he lets her go to save noah and meredith. (vishal, im starting to see what you meant in our conversation right before i watched this) why would he let her go? claire gets noah out and they leave meredith, who can’t control her power of fire, there to go after sylar. the parkman crew figures out that ando is a super charger and can enhance ones power. with this and daphne’s ability of super speed they can use the theory of relativity to get hiro. thats a stretch. i think the writers are reaching with this one. in the past the 2 hiro’s are caught going into the safe by kaito nakamura. realizing the formula has been stolen by the ‘chef’ with help from his son kaito pulls a sword on the older hiro. hiro rips the formula in 2 pieces and right before kaito kills him he is saved by daphne and ando. daphne and hiro go to pinehurst where they retrieve the formula from tracy. peter and flint disperse the formula around the lab and get ready to burn the building down. as flint is about to set pinehurst on fire he is knocked out by nathan. this sets up what i think is going to be the final showdown of the season between nathan and peter. with a metal pipe nathan hits peter in the leg dropping him to the ground, just then flint lights the flammable formula on fire sending flames everywhere. nathan is seemingly surrounded. i wouldn’t be mad if nathan dies here, i think he is evil and just like arthur, he would kill peter if he had to. peter on the other hand injects himself with the dose of formula thats perfectly set up in the syringe ready for him (obviously) to save nathan. that is exactly what he does and once he regains his powers peter walks through the flames and flies nathan out of the window just before the building is set ablaze with flint and i believe suresh inside.

i was wrong about the peter/nathan showdown being the final scene of the season. cut to angela and sylar. with sylar in control of the situation, he gives angela a chance to tell the truth. when asked if she is his mother, she truthfully answers no, however lies when telling him why. instead of killing her right away he gives her yet another chance. for as strong and smart as sylar is he seems to be slightly resistant when dealing with angela. with anybody else he would have already killed them, but with her she can somehow manipulate him into letting her live. she does this again by telling sylar she knows who his real parents are. as sylar demands the answer he is stabbed in the back of the head by claire. she said earlier in the episode she and sylar, since he had her power, had a soft spot on their head that could in effect kill them despite of their power. if that is true, sylar should be dead. meredith who cant control her power blows up primatech with, it seemed to me, sylar and angela inside. the season ends with peter telling nathan he saved him out of love and nathan flying away after saying its not what he would have done followed by a montage of all the characters being shown safe and out of the respective building that went up in flames. i am highly disappointed in this, how can not one person in those buildings die. then again i guess sylar can be counted as a death but he was stabbed before the building blew up. how did angela escape, how did suresh escape? flint and sylar. flint was a small character and i have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of sylar, but i will leave that to my season 4 predictions post.

speaking of season 4 i forgot heroes always ends a season with a few seconds of the upcoming season. in the beginning of season 4 which is called fugitives we see senator nathan petrelli in a limo speaking to someone about locking up a group of people who have powers. nathan, who knows way to much hands over a file full of information on all the heroes. see you next year heroes fans.

heroes comes back february 2, 2009.

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2 Responses to “Heroes Season Finale”

  1. sahar009 Says:

    Really good review! I have to admit that, because it was long, the fact that you didn’t put spaces between your paragraphs made it hard to read – I copied it into word and added spaces. You’d probably get more readers that way đŸ˜‰

    In any case, I also wrote a review and would love your feedback on it! There are a couple of points we agree on but another couple we don’t and it would be interesting to get your opinion: http://saharsblog.wordpress.com/2008/12/16/review-heroes-volume-3-episode-13/ !

  2. Vishal Says:

    The finale sucked, it didn’t even make any sense. Arthur “died” in the previous episode, why? the last episode really had nothing to do with the whole season. NBC should fire their entire writing staff.

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