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DISCLAIMER: For those that don’t know Dexter on Showtime is my favorite television show. Because of that, my blog will feature Dexter posts with certain spoilers of the episode. If you watch Dexter and missed an episode that you don’t want ruined i suggest you don’t read my Dexter posts till you have seen the episode.

“Do You Take Dexter Morgan?”

i am writing this as i am watching.

tonight was the dexter season finale. the episode starts with miguel’s body being discovered in a park. miguel’s body showed signs that the skinner was responsible. smart dexter, i think this was a good move on his part. ramon, however feels something is suspect about the circumstances leading to miguel’s death. dexter has a lot on his plate, between ramon suspicious and his wedding to rita he has much to deal with. his apartment being broken into doesn’t help the situation too much. dexter is good at playing it cool, which i guess when you’re a serial killer you kind of have to be. when being questioned about the break in he acted as if he didn’t know the man described by the officer. he knew it was ramon prado. i think this season was great, but there was one thing i found kinda off, or interesting, or discerning, or however you want to put it. why now does dexter have hallucinations of his father? i mean, i know dexter is a sociopathic psychopath, but he is not insane. if anything this season they have depicted dexter as more human than ever, he is showing emotions and using his feelings to make decisions.
getting back to the show. why does dexter investigate rita’s background? kinda weird considering when dexter first found rita he liked her because she was just as “damaged” as he was. while that is going on, ramon is missing and dexter may have a big problem on his hands. debra is getting her detective shield, pending laguerta signing the paperwork. before that happens bautista finds out about the investigation on debra that miguel set in motion. dexter can’t seem to locate ramon when at a dinner with rita ramon finds him. with a gun drawn on dexter debra comes in and takes him down. ramon and dexter have an extensive conversation in an interrogation room where dexter feels he has taken care of the ramon problem. debra and quinn come close to catching the skinner after a traffic light camera spots him at an accident. the lead runs into a dead end and before they can catch him the skinner pops up behind dexter who is going in his car and hits him across the face with what looks like a bat. i cant see this turning out too bad for dexter, right? i mean, he has to get out of it somehow….
laguerta has a talk with debra and just when it looks like she will not get her promotion to detective laguerta congratulates her and gives her her new shield. next we see dexter layed out with his hands and feet tied. this is where he has an imaginary conversation with his dad where he has a moment of clarity and realizes rita and the baby is what he wants more than anything. debra, now a detective, recuses herself from the skinner case to be with anton. after sharing this good news with anton she receives a phone call from masuka telling her about the tobacco leaf he tested. i think this piece of evidence will lead to debra finding dexter. knowing the skinner loves the power and control dexter tries to turn the tables on him by admitting to killing freebo. the skinner doesn’t believe this confession and goes for his tools, just as he leaves dexter is able to escape. after wrestling for a few seconds dexter snaps the skinner’s neck and drops him in front of an oncoming cop car before making an undetected escape. dexter arrives to the wedding with a “broken hand” which he said happened from a fall down the stairs. after a nice talk with debra, his best man, dexter takes his vows and marries rita. now a husband and soon to be father dexter is at a crossroads in his life. conflicted with the feelings of being a good man and a good killer he seems happy to be married.
although i think this was a good season finale i wonder why they didn’t throw in a more dynamic ending to the ramon prado situation. other than that im okay with what they did with this episode. dexter is married, debra is a detective, nothing happened with quinn all season which is where i thought soemthing may happen. the way they introduced his character i felt there was something fishy about him. i hope to see his character unfold more next season. good episode great show, if you don’t know you better find out.


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