7 years, $161 million

cc sabathia

cc sabathia and the new york yankees have agreed on a 7 year deal totaling $161 million setting the new record for a pitcher. sabathia who didn’t take the yankees initial offer of 6 years, $140 million agreed to this deal after brian cashman left vegas and the winter meetings to fly to sabathia to meet with him in california. people are now saying cc doesn’t really want to play in new york, he’s just doing it for the money. he really wanted to play in california but the yankees made him a huge offer. my opinion ladies and gentlemen, that is the game here, you go after the best free agents on the market with the money they want. don’t blame the yankees, after all, in today’s game the agents set the market rate for their clients its no longer ownership setting the market for their players. all american professional sports started going downhill when the term client started outweighing the terms teammate or player.
anyway, the yankees got cc sabathia and now they are set on going after aj burnett. the yankees have extended an offer to aj burnett. the amount of money burnett would be getting has not yet become public however it is said that burnett’s agent is seeking something similar to to what carlos zambrano received from the cubs. that deal was for 5 years $91.5 million. burnett has also garnered interest from the braves who offered him a 4 year deal worth $60 million and also the red sox who have not yet offered burnett a deal but the two parties have met at the winter meetings in las vegas. now that the yankees have cc sabathia i am eager to see if they really make a strong move for burnett within the next few days. hopefully, if the yankees don’t get him the red sox don’t either.


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2 Responses to “7 years, $161 million”

  1. Avy Smith Says:

    The numbers might be huge, but they ain’t permanent! This guy will not stick around with the Yanks for more than a season or two! Visit http://www.sportsviews.com/ to know more about the deal.

  2. Shane Bertou Says:

    The potential for success and disaster are both huge – C.C. Sabathia huge!

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