C.C. ya in New York?

the yankees have offered c.c. sabathia $140 million over 6 years about 3 weeks ago and he still hasn’t taken it. there is much speculation as to why he hasn’t taken it seeing as the only other offer on the table for his services right now is from the brewers and that deal totals around $100 million. why not take the extra $40 mill and the security of a 6 year deal in new york? well, here is where the speculation comes in. depending on where u get your information, the web, sports radio, or tv you will get at least 1 different answer from each probably more. in my opinion he wants to see what he can get, simple as that. this could be in his benefit or it may benefit the brewers. the yankees are not a team that will wait around for too many people and they can easily move on if they feel there is another pitcher out there worth grabbing for less money and headache. if his hard to get act results in the yankees removing their deal from the table and no other team feels he is worth that money he may be forced to take the deal from the brewers. brian cashman is meeting with sabathia and his agent greg genske for the second time in vegas at the winter meetings. i have a feeling we will know soon enough what c.c. sabathia’s true intentions with the yankees are. that said, i have no idea whether he will become a yankee. there have been other reports that i’ve heard that have sabathia expressing interest in playing for the dodgers. i will say this, he will either be a yankee or remain in the national league. i spoke to a friend who is following the situation and he told me quite frankly he feels sabathia is stringing the yankees along simply to get interest from the west coast. im inclined to maybe believe him, however i feel there is no way he is going to the angels, or the okland a’s. if he wants to go to the dodgers i personally wouldn’t be too mad, after all that means i can go to the stadium and see him pitch, and maybe see manny too. when c.c. sabathia signs a deal i will post on it right away.

K-ROD To The Mets

meanwhile, the mets have added a huge arm in their bullpen. they signed frankie ‘k-rod’ rodriguez to a 3 year deal. here is the report from espn.com

The New York Mets agreed to a three-year deal with free-agent closer Francisco Rodriguez, sources told ESPN on Tuesday.

Rodriguez’s deal, worth $37 million plus additional incentives, is pending a physical, which the New York Post reported will take place Wednesday.
“I feel good where we are today, compared to where we were yesterday,” Mets GM Omar Minaya said Tuesday. “I’m going to stay positive. But total completion of the deal is when everything is signed, sealed and delivered, and [right now] we continue to have dialogue. That’s the best I can tell you.”
The deal is a one-year increase over the two years and $24 million the Mets are said to have initially offered the closer, who broke the major league single-season saves record last season with 62.


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