Dexter Morgan

DISCLAIMER: For those that don’t know Dexter on Showtime is my favorite television show. Because of that, my blog will feature Dexter posts with certain spoilers of the episode. If you watch Dexter and missed an episode that you don’t want ruined i suggest you don’t read my Dexter posts till you have seen the episode.

With that being said, here is what happened and my take on the events in this past episode…

At the end of last episode (Go Your Own Way) Dexter is kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a car. Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado teams up with “The Skinner” by telling him Dexter knows where Freebo is and can direct The Skinner to Freebo and the money Freebo owes The Skinner.
The latest episode (I Had A Dream) starts with Dexter trying to escape from the trunk thinking he will otherwise be killed. As the car comes to a stop and the trunk is opened Dexter punches his “kidnapper” in the face. The “kidnapper” happens to be his co-worker who is bringing Dexter to his bachelor party. At the party, Miguel (Dexter’s best man) makes a speech that is very specific to Dexter and the game of cat and mouse the two have been playing. With Dexter plotting to kill Miguel and Laguerta having feelings Miguel killed Ellen Wolfe its only a question of which one gets him first. Will he go to jail or will he be killed by Dexter.
As this is happening Debra (Dexter’s sister) and detective Quinn are closing in on catching The Skinner. After being told by Anton that The Skinner took everything out of his pockets including the change he had Debra and Quinn go back to the scene where they found Anton to re-examine. While there Debra realizes the reason The Skinner did this was to use the change to make a call from a pay phone. With the records of the calls made Debra is able to contact a woman from New Jersey who owns a summer home in Miami. She tells Debra she hired The Skinner aka George King to do the landscaping at her home. Debra and Quinn go to the house where the see The Skinner who tries to run away. In the backyard Quinn tackles The Skinner but he gets away by hitting Quinn above the eye with what looked like the butt of a kinfe. The Skinner gets away as Debra goes to aid Quinn.
Laguerta has Dexter test hair and fibers found in Miguel’s car against hair from Ellen Wolf. Dexter does the test and sees the match, however he must decide whether to tell Laguerta or keep the info to himself. Before he can make that decision Laguerta finds the results herself. Dexter plays coy and acts like he doesn’t know where the sample came from. Laguerta tells him she found the sample in Miguel’s car and Dexter acts very surprised. Laguerta is intent on getting a warrant but Dexter knows that will tip Miguel off and put Laguerta in danger. Miguel figures out that Laguerta is on to him so he sets out to kill her. He sneaks into her house where is he is met by Dexter’s needle. Dexter has Miguel right where he wants him. Wrapped up in plastic and at the mercy of Dexter he makes a plea for his life. Before Dexter strangles Miguel he tells him he was the one who killed Miguel’s brother Oscar. The episode ends with the murder of Miguel Prado.

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2 Responses to “Dexter Morgan”

  1. Jeff Atkinson Says:

    I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

  2. Mark Says:

    Great blog man! Last nights episode was awesome! “Skinner” went to quick though! How about linking to my blog
    I’m a big Dexter fan!

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