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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2008




Lil Wayne Falls On Stage

December 30, 2008

this clip is hilarious to me… but i must say, i give dude props for getting right up and keeping it going… that looked like he fell kinda hard, pause.


hahaha, enjoy:

Bird Of The Week

December 30, 2008


megan fox

megan fox

megan fox


NFL Playoffs

December 29, 2008

the nfl playoffs are upon us… i searched and searched for a proper playoff bracket, but couldn’t find one. so what did i do? i got on photoshop and created one… i know its not the greatest, but hey, i made this bracket in 10 minutes, give me a break.


Wanderlei’d Out

December 27, 2008










at ufc 92: the ultimate 2008, rampage stayed true to his word that he would not lose for a third time to wanderlei silva. rampage only needed 1 of the 3 rounds of the fight to take care of business. with a strong hook from a heavy left hand rampage connected with siva’s face and sent him to the canvas where he remained unconscious for the following few minutes. during the post fight interview jackson proclaimed ‘rampage is back’. he said he is ready to fight for the title he lost to forrest griffin in mid 08 but will take whatever fight the ufc gives him.

the main event between forrest griffin and rashad evans ended in the third round of a scheduled five round title fight. there is a new light heavy weight champion in the ufc and his name is rashad evans. the first round was a feeler round for both fighters and was hard to call. the second round was when forrest took control and won the round pretty easily in my book. the fighters came out in the third round and evans took control immediately by bring griffin to the ground. after a series of elbows and hammer fists the fight was stopped by the referee. forrest was done about 7 or 8 punches before the fight was called.

also frank mir knocked out antonio minotauro nogueira.

with the wins by both rashad evans and rampage jackson (both of which i predicted) i figure the two of them will be fighting for the title pretty soon, probably like april… i say rampage wins that too.

An iCON Christmas

December 27, 2008

icon the mic king

so the homie icon the mic king is on his charity shit. first off i commend him for that, he is doing a charity run for the crohn’s & colitis foundation of america. he sent me this video of him doing a training run on christmas night. normally im not the kind of person that wants to watch a video of someone doing their street exercises but he’s the homie so i watched the joint. knowing icon i knew this wouldn’t just be a video of him running, there had to be something else in this.

from the minute i hit play it had me rolling on the ground laughing. now this man is doing this for a very serious reason but to me its funny to see this dude sitting in his house on christmas night donning a fresh amalgam digital t-shirt getting ready to run 6 miles in preparation for the charity event being held in miami on january 25th 2009. he tells us he is going to run from his house in philly to the ikea in south philly, but before he does this he needs to stretch, because as he puts it he’s getting old, he can’t just up and go like he used to.

as he sets out on his 6 mile journey he gives us a tour of the stores he hits to pick up his ‘fresh gear’ and to my suprise the streets are completely empty. now i understand its christmas night, but there should at least be a few homeless dudes with no where to go. icon has the ability to keep people entertained even when doing the most mundane thing like running 6 miles. an example of this is, as he’s running he comes up on some people walking, he looks at them and yells ‘running blog’ as he runs by. that had me dying. as he continues his run to ikea he is chock full of jokes to keep the heads laughing and caring, though he does get a little winded. dude, u don’t even smoke… c’mon now.. haha, really, im joking, i couldn’t even walk 6 miles let alone run em, good stuff homie.

the run ends and we see icon waiting at the bus stop in south philly. then out of the blue we find icon in a cab on the way back to his crib. the cab ride scene is great, its towards the end of a solidly funny clip about something serious and to me it takes the cake. the interaction between these two is hilarious to me, but then again, i’ve been in a cab with icon and know how he is. speaking of that, if you are in manhattan and reading this, there are undercover police officers driving in yellow cabs and they actually take fares. be carefull out there, you never know who is driving you.

for more info on crohn’s and colitis click the link below:


for everything icon the mic king click the link below:


UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008

December 26, 2008

rampage jackson

saturday night december 27th 2008 in las vegas is ufc 92: the ultimate 2008. the main event on the card is forrest griffin vs rashad evans, though the fight im looking forward to seeing is quinton ‘rampage’ jackson (28-7) vs wanderlei ‘the axe murderer’ silva (32-8-1). these two men have fought each other twice in pride, a mma league based in japan. in both fights silva was easily victorious ending both fights with vicious knees to the face, in the second fight silva knocked jackson out of the ring. the last time the two faced each other was 2004, that was a long time ago. some would argue that back then was when silva was in his prime, and is now towards the end of an illustrious career. both men have expressed disliking the other man and both have guaranteed victory. i personally want rampage to win, seeing as he is probably my favorite mma fighter. do i feel like he will win? yes, but really, there is no telling…. he lost his last fight (a title defense) to forrest griffin by a controversial decision 3 rounds to 2. after the loss he went crazy and led the police on a high speed car chase in orange county california. a short while after his arrest rampage claimed to be under a lot of pressure and was very stressed at the time. he maintains that he is in great shape and ready to take back his place at the top of the light heavy weight division of the ufc, the most competitive division in the mma world. in order to retake his throne he must first get past wanderlei silva. tune in saturday night on ppv to see what happens.

my predictions for the 2 main fights are rashad evans and rampage jackson

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2008


Yankees Sign Mark Teixeira

December 23, 2008

mark teixeira

the new york yankees made another huge pick up today. they went out and signed mark teixeira to a 8 year deal worth more than $170 million. teixeira who was also being courted by the red sox and the washington nationals decided to go with the most storied franchise in sports history, and who can blame him? however, this may now put a damper on the yankees chances or desires to make a go for manny ramirez who is looking for a big money deal over a 3 year period. the teixeira pick up is one of many the yankees have made this winter. in addition to teixeira the yankees made deals for cc sabathia and aj burnett as well as nick swisher. the yank’s also avoided arbitration with pitcher chien-ming wang by signing the 28 year old to a one year deal worth $5 million. wang, who was injured most of last year, has been a solid pitcher for the yankees and in 2006 led the league with 19 wins. the yankees obviously didn’t like the feeling of ending their season in august last year and are trying to make sure they have the best possible squad to get them back to october baseball; a place they know well.

Bird Of The Week

December 23, 2008


eva mendez

eva mendez

eva mendez