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‘Manny Ramiroids’

May 7, 2009

manny ramirez, gotham green

manny ramirez has been suspended for 50 games for violating the banned substance rules of major league baseball. manny tested positive for steroids. he says he was prescribed medicine by his doctor for a personal issue. unfortunately for him that medicine contained a banned substance. the penalty for the positive test results is a 50 game suspension with no pay. see you july 3rd manny….

Manny Ramirez Re-Signs With Dodgers

March 4, 2009

manny ramirez

Manny Ramirez has re-signed with the los angeles dodgers. after rejected multiple offers manny signed with the dodgers for 2 years worth $45 million on march 4th.

early in the offseason ramirez received a lot of offers early including a rather generous offer by the new york yankees but rejected every offer hoping to hold out for maximum compensation. manny felt he was worth $25 million a year and wanted at least 3 years. with spring training underway it was uncertain where manny would end up.

it was said ramirez’ agent scott boras told him to wait till the regular season to see if a team got hit with an early injury or off to a slow start and might get manny the money he wanted. something must have changed their minds because manny ramirez has re-signed with the los angeles dodgers. he will report to spring training immediately.

Yankees Sign Mark Teixeira

December 23, 2008

mark teixeira

the new york yankees made another huge pick up today. they went out and signed mark teixeira to a 8 year deal worth more than $170 million. teixeira who was also being courted by the red sox and the washington nationals decided to go with the most storied franchise in sports history, and who can blame him? however, this may now put a damper on the yankees chances or desires to make a go for manny ramirez who is looking for a big money deal over a 3 year period. the teixeira pick up is one of many the yankees have made this winter. in addition to teixeira the yankees made deals for cc sabathia and aj burnett as well as nick swisher. the yank’s also avoided arbitration with pitcher chien-ming wang by signing the 28 year old to a one year deal worth $5 million. wang, who was injured most of last year, has been a solid pitcher for the yankees and in 2006 led the league with 19 wins. the yankees obviously didn’t like the feeling of ending their season in august last year and are trying to make sure they have the best possible squad to get them back to october baseball; a place they know well.

Yankees may get Manny Ramirez

December 17, 2008

manny ramirez
manny ramirez

it is being reported that the original “yankee killer” may soon be a yankee. the new york daily news is reporting that the yankees are seriously interested in the services of the 36 year old outfielder. some upper level officials in the organization feel manny would be the perfect compliment to alex rodriguez, much the way he and david ortiz struck fear in the heart of every pitcher who faced the red sox. brian cashman is not too sure about manny ramirez but hal and hank steinbrenner are big manny fans. hank steinbrenner was quoted as saying “he’s one of the greatest hitters in the history of the game. he’s a free spirit, for sure, but he knows how to win…” the yankees are interested in a few other free agents but since the cabrera-cameron trade talks with the brewers has dried up i feel the yankees are looking to sign an outfielder more than a infielder (mark teixeira). where manny ends up could rely heavily on where teixeira lands. the two major leaguers are represented by scott boras and its probable manny will wait to see where teixeira winds up before making a decision on his future.

though no contract has been offered by the yankees some reports say the yankees would be willing to offer manny a 3 year deal totaling close to $75 million though they would rather sign him to a 2 year deal. manny was traded from boston to the dodgers in the middle of last season and led them to the national league championship series where they fell short to the phillies, who went on to win the world series. last year in the regular season manny batted .332 with 37 homers and 121 RBIs. in 8 post season games manny hit for an insane .520 with four homers and 10 RBIs


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