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Sheffield Back In New York, Different Borough

April 3, 2009

gary sheffield

gary sheffield will most likely hit his 500th homerun in a mets uniform (he currently has 499). after strangely being released from the tigers sheffield inked a one year deal with the new york mets. the tigers still owe gary sheffield $14 million, so the mets were able to pick him up for the league minimum of $400,000. the tigers will have to cover the other $13.6 million owed.

in my opinion the fact that the tigers owe him all that money and that the mets were able to come away with this deal barely coming out of pocket at all is the main reason the mets pulled the trigger on this deal. sheffield is 40 years old and past his prime, but he still had something left and will be worth more to the mets than they are paying for him.

Farewell Plaxico

April 3, 2009

plaxico burress

plaxico burress was released by the new york giants after being with the team for 4 years. burress was adored by giants fans from the time he arrived till the time he shot himself in the leg in week 13 of last season. burress shot himself while at a new york nightclub. at the time of the shooting the giants were 11 and 1. they ended the season 12-4 and lost in the playoffs against the eagles.

i personally think this is a bad move for the giants, even though there is a lot of off field stuff going on that led to this decision. even though plaxico is a problem off the field, he is a proven winner on the field. look at what happened to the giants after he was sidelined in week 13 for the rest of the year. they lost 4 of their last 5 regular season games. we’ll see if the giants can pick someone up to fill the void now left with the departure of plaxico burress.

Baseball Season Right Around The Corner

April 3, 2009


so, the 2009 baseball season starts in a few days. that means constant aggravation for me during the yankee season. it starts with me living in hollywood, and not new york anymore, so i either get to watch every 1 of 20 games on national tv, or i get the expensive baseball package from time warner, either way im losing.

the yankees season opener is against the orioles in baltimore on april 6th. the yankees will send newly acquired cc sabathia to the mound to open their season. their rotation right now looks like this : sabathia, burnett, wang, pettitte, and chamberlain.

i am predicting right now that the yankees win the world series this year. remember i said that when they do.

Tapout Clothing Owner Dies In Car Crash

March 11, 2009


charles lewis jr aka mask was best known for being 1 of 3 people who started a clothing line called tapout. mask was the one who wore face paint. mask has passed away. he died early wednesday morning in newport beach, ca. his ferrari modena crashed into a utility pole after spinning out of control while traveling at a high speed along side a porsche. the ferrari was damaged so bad it was described as being almost split in two. mask was pronounced dead on the scene. the driver of the porsche was arrested a few blocks from the scene and charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

tapout released this statement:

“it is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we must regretfully confirm the passing of our beloved friend, brother and co-founder charles ‘mask’ lewis following a car accident that occurred last night. we are currently in the process of setting up a memorial service in his honor and will release more details as they become available. “many thanks to all for the outpouring of blessings and well-wishes during this incredibly difficult time.”

this is very sad news…

Manny Ramirez Re-Signs With Dodgers

March 4, 2009

manny ramirez

Manny Ramirez has re-signed with the los angeles dodgers. after rejected multiple offers manny signed with the dodgers for 2 years worth $45 million on march 4th.

early in the offseason ramirez received a lot of offers early including a rather generous offer by the new york yankees but rejected every offer hoping to hold out for maximum compensation. manny felt he was worth $25 million a year and wanted at least 3 years. with spring training underway it was uncertain where manny would end up.

it was said ramirez’ agent scott boras told him to wait till the regular season to see if a team got hit with an early injury or off to a slow start and might get manny the money he wanted. something must have changed their minds because manny ramirez has re-signed with the los angeles dodgers. he will report to spring training immediately.

T.O. Cut By The Cowboys

March 4, 2009

terrell owens

terrell owens has been released by the dallas cowboys. owens signed with the team in 2006 and was the best receiver on the team while he played there. during the 2008 season owens had 69 receptions for 1,052 yards and 10 touchdowns. owens’ career has been full of controversy on and off the field. after publicly stating his disliking for quarterback and then teammate donovan mcnabb he was released by the philadelphia eagles.

after being released at the end of the 2005 season t.o. signed with the cowboys and the controversy soon followed. 6 months after signing with dallas it was reported that owens tried to kill himself by overdosing on hydrocodone. after being released from the hospital owens held a press conference and said he was not trying to kill himself but the media had a field day with the situation. shortly after that during a game against the falcons ownes spit in the face of deangelo hall. for this incident owens was fined $35,000. owens also did not get along with head coach bill parcells, going as far as to say he learned nothing from him.

during the 2008 season there were rumors that owens was unhappy with the play of quarterback tony romo. there was also rumors that some players on the cowboys didn’t like the way owens acted and this caused turmoil in the locker room. whatever the reason, owens was cut by the dallas cowboys on march 5th, 2009.

Meet The Lurks

February 25, 2009

yo, the big homie haps got one of his beats featured on the lurks new skate video… peep the video and the song in the background entitled rolls royce…

shout out to haps…

NBA All Star Game 2009

February 15, 2009

nba all star game

the halfway point in the nba season was celebrated with the annual all star game. the 2009 all star weekend and game was held in phoenix. on saturday night at the dunk contest nate robinson was able to take the throne from last years winner dwight howard. the three point contest was won by miami’s daequan cook and derrick rose won the skills competition. in my opinion the most exciting part of saturday nights festivities was when lebron james told cheryl miller he will be entering the 2010 slam dunk contest. we’ll see if he stays true to his word, but if he does indeed enter the slam dunk contest next year its already over.

sunday night was the actual game. though competitive throughout, the west dominated the east with its size to lead them to an easy victory. the final score was 146 – 119 and shaq and kobe were named the co-mvps of the game, playing on the same team for the first time since 2004. kobe bryant led all scorers with 27 points and lebron james had 20 points.

NFL Fantasy Football Promo

February 12, 2009

so i was talking to my cousin’s husband today and he sent me this video. this is insane. it features a bunch of nfl players showing you why they should be picked for a fantasy team. im assuming this came out before last season started, but i just saw it today for the first time.

thanks kishan.


Joe Budden vs. Joell Ortiz ‘The Race’

February 10, 2009

here it is as promised… the actual race between joe and joell….



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